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Alternatieve media update 7.2.2019

1000 miljard voor helemaal niets! Klimaatakkoord laat zien: ze zijn helemaal gek geworden in Den Haag
5 Ways to Teach Liberty to Young Children
A leaked document exposes the shameful propaganda being handed out in English schools
A Quarter of French Believe ‘Elites’ Using Mass Migration to ‘Replace’ Native Europeans
Aborted Baby Parts Are Being Grafted On To Mice In Bizarre Scientific Experiments – And The U.S. Government Is Paying For It
AI Identifying Microscopic Marine Life
America once considered nuking the Moon, but they settled on smashing things into it instead
Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at the 2019 State of the Union
Apple Gives Deep State Access To Roger Stone’s iCloud Account – Refused To Violate Privacy of San Bernardino Jihad Terrorists
As US Senate passes anti-boycott bill, the Palestinian BDS movement remains strong
Astronomers find strong evidence of a frigid alien world just 6 light years away from the sun
Bank Of America: Oil Demand Growth To Hit Zero Within A Decade
Banks Got A $21 Billion Tax Windfall... Then Fired Thousands And Rewarded Themselves
BBC’s HARDtalk turned into a cosy chat about how to run a coup in Venezuela
Big Telecom Sold Highly Sensitive Customer GPS Data Typically Used for 911 Calls
Blacklisted News' "State of the Website" and Update
BuzzFeed Lobbies Twitter to Ban Memes That Make Fun of ‘Blackface’ Democrats
Calif. AG Vows Legal Challenge if Trump Declares National Emergency
California Dems Are Killing Legal Weed
Caribbean Nations Determined To Have A Say On Venezuela
Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – ANGRY TURDS Loonie Bin!
Chemotherapie bevordert de verspreiding van kanker. Deze nieuwe studie bevestigt het
CNN Finally Discovers The US-Saudi Arms Pipeline To Al-Qaeda
Criminal: New York Muslim Community Patrol Working In NYPD Lookalike Cars, Wearing Lookalike NYPD Uniforms
Dat de Waalse economie sputtert
De dageraad van ayatollah-Iran
De man (masculien, blank): een onverwachte comeback
Debat tussen Sel&ccdil;uk Öztürk (DENK) en Machiel de Graaf (PVV) loopt volledig uit de hand
Dem Party Unmasks Itself During SOTU
Democrat frontrunner Kamala Harris promised to SHUT DOWN all private health insurance nationwide... then walked it back after the insanity of the plan emerged
Democrat Gov. of Virginia blasts critics as "disgusting" for exposing his sick desire to MURDER human babies after they're born
Democratic Congresswoman Tells Black Teen Conservative: „Be Afraid of Us”
Democrats Reveal Their Criminal Ties During Trump’s SOTU
Demoncrats' willingness to murder children born alive (infanticide) exposes total fraud of vaccine mandates they claim "protect children"
Dems Launch 10-Year ‘Green New Deal’
Did a Crypto CEO Fake His Own Death? The Great Quadriga Conspiracy, Day 6
Did SERCO's Patented EVL Bat CAVE Entrust Pentagon Attack Simulation to Sweigert?
Did You Know These Things About Thomas Jefferson?
Die laatste steekt de laatste tijd terug vaker zijn kop op
DISTURBING: Aborted Babies Used To Create Animal Human Hybrids
DOJ Now Investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s Special Treatment from Lawmakers
DOJ Opens Investigation Into Epstein’s Shady Child Sex Plea Deal
Donald Trump Calls On Congress To Ban Late-Term Abortions
Donald Trump Destroys Dems Over Border Wall During SOTU
Earthquake Warning – February-March-April 2019 Critical – HAVE A PLAN
Eating more citrus fruits is an easy way to prevent dementia
Elizabeth Warren Identified Herself As "American Indian" On 1986 State Bar Registration
Elizabeth Warren Might Have Up To $10 Million – But She Wants To Tax „Super Wealthy” Who Have $50 Million
Erdoğan zit fout over Syrië. Turkije kan de klus niet klaren.
EU Chief Says Lucifer Wouldn’t Accept Breixteers In Hell
Europese burgers blijven na dieselgate in vieze lucht zitten
Even with massive, coordinated tech censorship of the independent media, the globalist-funded left-wing media is rapidly COLLAPSING
Evil YouTube announces plan to halt people from discovering "conspiracy" videos on topics like natural medicine and holistic cancer cures
Fearing Yellow Vests, Macron Attacks French Civil Liberties
Finns Say Migrants’ Culture, Religion Fueling Sex Assault Crisis
Flashback: Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance
France Recalls Ambassador From Rome After Italy’s Deputy PM Visits Yellow Vests
Gavin McInnes Talks About The Left’s War On Humor
Georgetown students may pay reparations for slavery with new student fee
Government-funded studies PROVE that cellphone radiation has carcinogenic potential
Heavy Drinking in Teens Causes Lasting Changes in Emotional Center of Brain
Here’s How You Can Be Profiled Even If You’ve Never Used Social Media
Here’s The Sun’s hilarious reaction to losing a High Court battle with Labour’s Richard Burgon
Here’s what Boris ‘man of the people’ Johnson earns for just two hours work
Het ‘glutenbrein’: zo snijdt graan de bloedtoevoer naar de hersenen af
Het politieke circus is wat het is, een circus, wat bovendien zijn ‘Magic’ heeft verloren.
How Chrystia Freeland Organized Donald Trump’s Coup in Venezuela
Hungary Slams „Soros” Think Tank Over „Partly Free” Rating
If Babies Were Born With Guns, They Could Shoot Post-Birth Abortionists In Self-Defense
IJstijd blootgelegd in de Afrikaanse woestijn. Onderzoekers doen onverwachte ontdekking
Illegal immigrant killed his German girlfriend, 17, ‘because she refused to convert to Islam’
In a spectacular c*ck up, the BBC created its very own Brexit hell
Infowars’ War Room Banned On Facebook To Gag Roger Stone
Instagram Apologizes For Removing GOP Spokeswoman’s Post About Sen. Warren
Karl Marx’s London Grave Attacked With Hammer
Kentucky, Your Drug Epidemic Has A Name & A Face – Meet Jon!
Kinderen die op school worden blootgesteld aan luchtvervuiling hebben meer risico op overgewicht en obesitas
Kosmos 7.2.2019
Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as „Unconventional” Weapons
Legal Cases Targeting Nationalists Opposing Globalization
Liberals Don’t Know What the State of the Union Address Is
Mainstream Media Finally Figures Out US and Saudi Arabia Arming Al-Qaeda and Jihadists
Massive Harvard Study Contradicts Anti-Pot Propaganda Told to Us for Decades
Meer dan 20.000 zeekoeten spoelen dood aan op Nederlandse stranden
Meeting in Moscow: The Taliban Meets the Afghan Opposition
More than 10 million Texans are drinking water contaminated with atrazine, a toxic herbicide with gender bender effects
Mountain ginseng found to have immunostimulating, antioxidant, anticancer and anti-aging properties
N.M. Governor Pulls National Guard Troops Off Border
Nancy Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State
Nanny State Hawaii May Increase Smoking Age To 100
Nature Isolates The Kashmir Valley!
New Outrage: "Japan's Deputy PM Blames Women 'Not Giving Birth' For Declining Population"
No Charges For US Cop Who Shot Black Man, 21, Mistaking Him For A Gunman
No longer a conspiracy theory: MIT scientists confirm they possess technology to beam voices into your head
NYPD Orders Google to Stop Showing Drivers Where the Cops Are At
NYPD to Google: Stop revealing the location of police checkpoints
Opiatenepidemie: Nederlanders slikken steeds vaker zeer zware en verslavende pijnstillers
Parents Revolt Against School „Raping” Children’s „Innocence” With LGBTQ Curriculum
Passenger Plane Hit With Bomb Threat After Takeoff
Paul Fran&ccdil;ois, The French Farmer Taking on Monsanto
Pelosi in Tears As President Trump's SOTU Shatters Socialist Dreams with Special Guest Scott Bennett
Pentagon plans to up its propaganda game
PG&E Gas Line Explosion Engulfs San Francisco Buildings In Flames
Pickled Fraud, Martin Amis, Calls For An End To Free Speech
Plastic trash polluting our oceans is expected to double by 2025…what is being done to stop this global crisis?
Police shoot armed suspect dead outside Dutch central bank in Amsterdam
Pompeo Demands Maduro to Stop Blocking US Aid
Pompeo: Troop Withdrawal a „Tactical Change” Against IS
Pope & Islam’s Most Important Imam Just Signed A Covenant That Pushes Us Much Closer To A One World Religion
Potentially Harmful Autonomous $30M „The Ocean Cleanup” System Doesn’t Work. Can’t They Now Just Raise Money to Hire People to Safely Clean the Ocean?
Qatar takes delivery of first French-built Rafale jet fighter
Radiation Expert Calls 5G Rollout a „Global Catastrophe”
Rep. Ilhan Omar Blamed ‘Our Involvement In Other People’s Affairs’ For Bloody Jihad Massacre On Kenyan Mall
Report: CDC Data Counters its Own Vaccine Narrative
Resist imperialist intervention: Workers, communards, people march in Venezuela
Revealed: US And Columbia Conspiring To Intervene In Venezuela
Rice eaters beware: Study reveals fungicide and insecticide residues on rice hulls across a majority of samples
Robots Are Writing the News and Nobody’s Talking About It
Robots schrijven het nieuws en niemand praat erover
Roger Stone’s Lawyers Say Special Counsel Leaked, Claim Metadata Shows CNN Obtained Indictment From FBI
Ron Paul: Shut Down the TSA!
Salty: Best Dem Reaction Memes From Trump’s SOTU Address
Second Top Virginia Democrat Admits To Wearing Blackface At Party
Self-Driving Cars Will Never Be Moral. Let’s Stop Pretending Otherwise
Senate Investigating Mueller FBI's Prosecution Of "Orgy Island Billionaire" Jeffrey Epstein
Senate Warmongers Oppose Trump’s Recall of Troops From Afghanistan & Syria
Sexist New Study Says Women’s Brains Are Different Than Men’s
Shocking Video Shows School Cop Punch & Pull Hair of 15-Year-Old Girl With Hands Behind Her Back
Shocking Video Shows School Cop Punch and Pull Hair of 15yo Girl With Hands Behind Her Back
Silver Demand Expected to Surge
So, You Want To Beat The Bankers At Their Own Game? Here’s How
Solar Tornados, Record Cold, Brain-HAARP Power
South Carolina Spent $9 Billion to Dig a Hole in the Ground and Then Fill it Back in
Surging Wealth Inequality Is Poverty’s Greatest Enemy
Surveillance Capitalism Includes Utility „Smart” Meters. Utility Companies Collect Customer Usage Data 24/7. Are Yours Selling It to 3rd Parties?
Suspected MS-13 Subway Shooter in US Illegally – ICE
Swine fever spreads in Japan, 15,000 pigs to be culled
Taiwan en Xi Jinpings ‘Grote Zee-muur’
The Best Place For A Sexual Harasser Is In A 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate’s Office
The David Knight Show: Trump Hammers Socialists In SOTU, America Founded On Freedom
The Home Office just destroyed more families as it deported another 35 people to Jamaica
The police state goes full Orwellian: Federal court rules no justification needed to place anyone on a "suspicious persons" list
The REAL Reason The U.S. Wants Regime Change in Venezuela
The Satan-loving Left can't stand speaking the word "God" so they're trying to remove "so help you God" from congressional oath
The Spoils Of Censorship: NYT Raked In $709 Million Digital Revenue In 2018
There’s a special place in hell for ‘all Tories’, confirms Satan
These highly effective alternatives to toxic medication help beat depression
Thomas Williams: Juan Guaidó is een marionet van de Amerikaanse Deep State
Thousands of people diagnosed with deadly fungal disease Valley Fever in California as cases soar
Trump Announces 2nd Meeting With Kim
Trump Stands By His SOTU Demand For 'Largest Numbers Ever' Of Legal Immigration: 'We Need People'
Trump: Will We Squander Our Inheritance, Or Declare We Are Americans?
Twitter Locks Daily Caller EIC’s Account Over Traumatizing „Learn To Code” Tweet
U.S. Asks More Countries To Occupy Northeast Syria
U.S. House Intelligence Committee announces sweeping investigation into Trump's finances and Foreign Influence
U.S. Offers Sanctions Relief For Army Officers Who Flip On Maduro: Will It Work?
U.S. Special Forces Exercise in Downtown Los Angeles
UK: Photographer held by Daesh could be alive in Syria
UN Food Relief Agency Partners With CIA-Funded Software Firm Palantir
US Media Ignore—and Applaud—Economic War on Venezuela
US test-launches Minuteman ICBM from southern California (VIDEO)
US to buy Israeli Iron Dome missile defence system
US Troop Count in Syria Jumps by 50 Percent Since Trump’s „Withdrawal” Announcement
Valse vlag-aanslag op Twin Towers al in 1989 gepland. Ex-CIA-spion en Nobelprijskandidaat noemt 3 redenen
Venezuela Looks To Reroute Oil To Europe, Asia Amid U.S. Sanctions
Venezuela Says It Intercepted Covert US Weapons Shipment From Miami
Video: CNN Sh*ts On Its Own SOTU Poll For Second Year Running
VIDEO: Venezuelan Victims Send Message to American Socialists
War On Arabs Was Disguised As A War On ISIS
Warren Faces New Fire Over Native American Claims
Washington issues ultimatum to Venezuela over „humanitarian aid” ploy
Washington Post Turns On Fauxahontas, Elizabeth Warren – Provides 1986 Texas State Bar Card Proving Her A Liar About Using „Family Tree” To „Get Ahead”
Watch football legend John Barnes unload on the media for ignoring Churchill’s racism
Watch Live: America Responds to President Trump’s State of the Union Speech
Watch Live: Globalist Press Panics As Up To 75% of Americans Briefly Come Out Of Their Trance
Watch Live: Virginia Democrats’ Last Hope Is To Rationalize Blackface
WATCH: Cop Shoots Hero in the Back for Trying to Stop Mass Shooting—NO CHARGES
We Don’t Get Our News From CNN For The Same Reason We Don’t Eat Out Of The Toilet
What Rural China is Like
Whatever You Paid to Watch Netflix Last Month Was More Than It Paid in Income Taxes All Last Year: $0
When School „Choice” Actually Means „Confinement”
Whey protein for breakfast helps diabetics lose weight safely and effectively
Why Grover Cleveland Is Mostly Forgotten Today
Why the Left Isn’t Convinced by Your Economics Arguments
Will It Ever Be Cool Again For Young Women Not to be Harlots?
Woman Calls Police for Help Who Showed Up and Killed Her Service Dog
WV Woman Indicted on Allegations She Threatened President Trump
Yellow Vest Movement Starts a New Form of Protest – Burning Banknotes
Your prepper library should contain these books
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