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Nieuws alternatieve media 5.12.2018 brengt je dagelijks de laatste nieuwtjes verschenen in de alternatieve media in zowel Nederland als Internationaal. Thema's die aan bod komen zijn onder meer geopolitiek, deep state, Trump, gezondheid, milieu, big pharma, de klimaat hoax, kosmos en meer.


34% of Americans Believe US Elites Exploited 9/11 for Gain
A delicious fruit that benefits diabetics: The bush grape
A US-China Trade War ‘Armistice’? Trump Blinks and Retreats at G-20
A winemaking byproduct found to have potential for naturally managing blood sugar levels
ABN AMRO medewerkers omzeilen bonuswet en verdelen 15 miljoen euro
ADL Gives Tim Cook Award For Censoring Online Speech
Al Sharpton: Charlatan Or Rogue?
Amazing Miracle: Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Says That A Giant California Wildfire Stopped 3 Feet From His Home
America and Britain Complicit in Saudi Acts of Genocide in Yemen: 85,000 Children Dead, 14 Million at „Risk of Starvation”
Amid Brexit chaos, here’s the hidden news you might have missed
An Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Forging a Dystopian Future
Antifa Threaten Journalist: 'Death is Coming to You'
At Least 206 Civilians Killed in November by US Airstrikes in Syria
Attenborough at U.N. Summit: If No Climate Change Action, ‘Collapse of Our Civilizations,’ Extinction ‘On Horizon’
Avenatti Says Won’t Run For President in 2020
Baudet(FvD) v Premier Rutte; ‘Hoe kunt u in hemelsnaam dat immigratie pact gaan tekenen!’
BBC Asks „Should we stop listening to these Christmas songs?”
Belgium Gov on Brink of Collapse Over UN Migration Pact
Bij het overlijden van ex-President George Boef sr…
Black Muslim Memphis City Code Enforcement Supervisor Rants Against „White Peckerwood Crackers” & „Those Wicked Jews”
Book Review: Miko Peled’s ‘Injustice, The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five’
Calif. Dems Plan to Extend Medicaid to Illegal Immigrants
Cardio or strength training? You need both, as each affects the body differently, according to study
Christmas-Themed Satanic Sculpture Installed At Illinois Statehouse
Chronic nonpulsatile tinnitus can be remedied with acupuncture
Climate Crisis Made Worse by „Presidential Mis-Leadership”: Protecting Big Oil, From Bush-Cheney, Obama to Trump
Clintons Censored By Marketplace
Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller – That Makes At Least Two!
Curiosity rover spots ‘shiny’ object on Mars
David Attenborough’s UN summit warning is his grimmest yet, and world leaders need to listen
David Icke Talks About His UK Tour, And The Attempts To Silence Him
De Staatsveiligheid en het Gele Gevaar
Dem Sen. Hirono: Dems struggle to connect with voters because we’re so much smarter!
Denmark to Banish Criminal Migrants to Remote Island
DWP boss Amber Rudd is being rinsed on Twitter. Again.
Een journalist die altijd gelijk moet hebben, was beter pastoor geweest
Een zeer helder licht dat van kleur veranderde. Piloten zien UFO boven Canada
Eric Trump Blasts Kellyanne Conway’s Husband For Disrespecting Own Wife
Exclusive: Interview With Honduran Woman From Viral Migrant Caravan Photographs
Expert: Threat of Nuke War With Russia Greatest in 50 Years
FAA's "Integration Pilot UAS Program" is really a national police surveillance drone program
Fascinating study shows vitamin C reduces the risk of cognitive impairment
FCC Commissioner Says Agency's 'Hiding' What It Knows About Net Neutrality 'Fraud'
Fed Concludes Millennials Are Just Like Their Parents... Only Poorer
Feds Move To Investigate 9/11 Explosives at WTC Buildings
Feminists SACRIFICE little girls to genital mutilation practices, afraid to speak out against the "Left Cult" that maims children
Find The Most Rare Internet Videos Here – Globalist Messiah Mueller Exposed
Florida Muslim Woman Throws Sharia Mud At Former Employer
Football: Combat as Spectator Sport
For Climate Interventionists, New Taxes Are Only The Beginning
France introduces 6-month moratorium on fuel tax increases
From Central America to Syria: The Conspiracy against Refugees
Gele hesjes laten zien dat het kookpunt is bereikt. Dit is wat je krijgt als je eisen van burgers jarenlang negeert
George H. W. Bush: „October Surprise” Denials, Iran Contra
George H. Walker Bush: The Bush Family and the Mexican Drug Cartel
George H.W. Bush’s Complicity in the 1991 „Highway of Death” Massacre.
Globalists Are Engineering A Worldwide Financial Collapse To Stop Populist / Nationalist Movements
Goldman Sachs Clashes With Italy
Gore’s „Hockey Stick” Mann Busted For Climate Lies
Gut health plays a primary role in the onset of Parkinson's disease
Heart Surgeon: „They Tried to Silence Me When I Got My Patients Off Cholesterol-Lowering Meds!”
Heather Mac Donald: US Colleges Are 'Breeding Grounds For Civil War'
Here Are Some Of The Lyrics On The Radio While They Ban Baby It’s Cold Outside
High doses of vitamin C cured a patient of Zika virus - medical report
Himalayan Villages Saving Endangered  Herbal Treasures
Honduran Woman In Caravan Exposed As Fraud Via Social Media
Huge Clinton Donor Indicted for Defrauding U.S. to Win $8 Billion Pentagon Contract
Hundreds of Prisoners Swapped Before Yemen Peace Talks
In Contempt of Parliament: The Legal Advice of Brexit
Is acetaminophen the most dangerous OTC pain reliever of all?
Is de aarde al bezocht door intelligente buitenaardsen? NASA-wetenschapper doet opmerkelijke uitspraken
Is dit eerlijk vals spelen?
Is History Being Too Kind To George H.W. Bush?
Is this the end of de-icing? Passive solar-powered system prevents freezing on airplanes and other surfaces
It’s ‘Killing People Everyday’: FOX Pushes Insane Anti-Weed Propaganda in Ridiculous 90-Second Clip
Italy Arrests Head of Sicilian Mafia, 45 Mobsters
Jeffrey Epstein Settles Out of Court in Civil Trial to Avoid Release of New Info
John Scales Avery Interviews Dr. David Krieger
Johnstone: Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks
Journalist Defends Kanye West – Tells The „House Nibba” Jay-Z To „Shut Up”
Just A Tiny Minority Of Half A Million Jihadists?
Kamerlid fikt politiek correcte diarree spuitende NPO in zeven minuten helemaal af. Bekijk het filmpje
Keep these plants next to your bed for a restful slumber
Kepler and Gaia team up to confirm 104 new exoplanets
Kosmos 5.12.2018
Larry Nichols Remembers George Herbert Walker Bush and His Arkansas Connections to Bill Clinton
Lawsuit Seeks Records of FBI Meetings with Clinton-DNC Law Firm in 2016
Lawsuit: Boston PD's 'Gang Database' Says People Who Wear Nikes And Have Been Beat Up By Gang Members Are 'Gang Associates'
Les Gilets Jaunes – A Bright Yellow Sign of Distress
Liar, Liar My Brain is on Fire
Los Angeles: Criminal Case Against Muslim Who Tried To Kill Jews Suspended
Macron Folds: France Suspends Fuel Tax Hike After "Yellow Vest" Riots
Macron On Edge As Up To 120,000 Angry "Yellow Vests" Prepare To Storm The Bastille
Mainstream fake-news: the devious limited hangout
Marrakesh en de toekomst van België
May’s government becomes first in history to be found in contempt of parliament
Microsoft and MasterCard working on universal online identification standard
Mídia Ocidental Mente sobre Ocupa&ccdil;ão dos EUA: Líder Afegã
Migrant caravan leaves behind stunning heaps of trash, feces and bottles of urine, which is exactly what they would do to America if we let them invade
Migrants From Caravan Breach US Border
Millennials Have Less Money Than Previous Generations – Fed
MOFFIT: U.S. Military and NASA fairness DEMAND: Missiles, submarines, bullets, and rockets currently shaped like penises must be changed to be shaped like vaginas
MOFFIT: Why we should require the U.S. Government to add hormone-disrupting BPA to all bottled water to "tame" men into being metrosexuals
Mueller Now The Object Of 4 Criminal Complaints
Nationalist Rebellion In France: Yellow Vests Vow To Fight On
Nieuws 5.12.2018
Not Lovin' It - Researchers Find Feces On Every McDonald's Touchscreen Tested
Nutritional study suggests eating more black or red rice to prevent Type 2 diabetes
Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders are taking giant steps towards averting the world’s greatest crisis
Over het migratiepact van Marrakesh en de N-VA
Paris protests are about rising gas taxes but the dishonest American media won't tell you why: „Climate change”
Poll: Nearly 4 Out Of 5 French Don't Want to Accept Any More Immigrants
Power of the People: Gov’t Suspends Fuel Tax After French Citizens Took to the Streets and Refused to Pay It
President Issias Aferwerki Vs. Al Jazeera; February 2010
Qanon December 4 – The First Leak From the Huber Investigation
Rand Paul: „Deep State” Keeping Intel From Congress
Rand Paul: 'The Deep State is Trying to Run Congress'
Recent Studies: Garlic Treatment Helps Fight Lyme Disease, Fecal Matter Found On Fast Food Touchscreens
Red Alert! Stock Market Plunges 750 Points in One Hour – Elite Attempt Crash of Roaring Trump Economy
Reduce your risk of macular degeneration by a whopping 61% just by eating oranges
Researchers look at several Indonesian medicinal plants as potential natural cures for malaria
Riot Police Remove Helmets, Join in Solidarity with Citizens Protesting Corrupt Government
Roger Stone Calls Out Adam Schiff; If You Have Evidence, Present It Now
Roger Stone: Trump Doesn’t Know He Signed Free Speech Killing Agreement
Ron Paul: Trump Foreign Policy - Doing The Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result
Royal Family Implicated in Billionaire Pedophile Scandal as Court Case Begins in Florida
Sacramento County Welfare Division Terminates Automated License Plate Reader Program
Sacramento County Welfare Division Terminates Automated License Plate Reader Program
Scholar: US Colleges Are ‘Breeding Grounds For Civil War’
Scientist Who Created Genetically Modified Babies Has Gone Missing
Scientists: Long history of fertilizer use on land is threatening our water quality today
Selected Articles: George H. W. Bush, Yellow Vests, Trade Wars, Israeli Apartheid
Senator Demands Proof That 5G Is Safe. So Does The National Institute For Science, Law & Public Policy
Socialism always ends in destruction
Stock Market Plunges 700 Points Amid Fears of Economic Slowdown
Study Eyes Harmful Bacteria in Airplane Water
Study shows the efficacy of adlay tea in preventing influenza
Terraforming Has Begun: „Global Dimming” Plot to Exterminate Humanity Revealed
Texas Invasion: Agents Arrest 1,900 at Southern Border
The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian 'Beast System', And Dissenters Could Lose Everythin
The Fakir Rejects Mandir – Masjid
The French government could well be on the verge of a full-scale public sector uprising
The Gary Null Show – 12.04.18
The Guardian’s Vilification of Julian Assange
The Impact of Oil Drilling in the Arctic
The Inconvenient Truth About the Green New Deal
The Latest Victims in a Dark Story of How Northern Ireland Deals with Its Past
The Myth Of American Capitalism Exposed: Competition Is Dying As The Biggest Corporations Gobble Up Everything
The Nobel Peace Prize in Support of War
The Perils of Banning „Fake News”
The Psychological Bubble That Has Been Propping Up The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Implode
The Real Significance of the French Tax Revolt
The science speaks for itself: Artificial sweeteners trigger glucose intolerance
The top sources of protein in a survival homestead
The Truth About Robert Mueller
These 4 nutrients keep your brain in tiptop shape
Thorium in India
Top Ecuadorian Diplomat Destroys Guardian’s Claim that Manafort Visited Assange
Top Tories visit foodbanks to donate salt straight into people’s wounds
Totalitaire neigingen bij pers? Nee toch?
TREASON! Apple CEO Given Award For Silencing American Decent
Trump Administration to Auction Off 900,000 Acres for Fracking in Nevada
Trump And His Trail of Lies
Trump Foreign Policy: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result
Trump NAFTA Deal Kills Free Speech
Trump Wins: UN’s Insidious Migration Agenda Halted in Tijuana, Mexico
Tucker: Dems’ Message to Americans on Immigration is ‘Shut Up, You’re Dying, We’re Going to Replace You’
Twitter speaks out against the dangerous media whitewash of George H W Bush’s legacy
Two prison guards beat up a teenage inmate, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for children in prison
UC Berkeley Ordered to Pay Conservative Group $70K, Abolish Heckler's Veto, Protect Free Speech
UC Berkeley Settles Landmark Free Speech Lawsuit, Will Pay $70,000 To Conservative Group
Ukraine Resumes Port Use For Grain Shipments
US Gives Russia 60 Days to Comply With Nuclear Treaty
Use apple cider vinegar if you have eczema
USMCA Entrenches Tech Companies’ Right To Censor
Van internationaal naar transnationaal recht
Video: Syrian Military Deploys Troops, Battle Tanks Near Idlib
Volkswagen Wants to Use Ford Plants For New Cars
Waarom wil EU dit marrakech pact tekenen?
Watch an Australian senator stand up to disgusting sexism from her colleagues
Watch Live: Apple Says Alex Jones Doesn’t Have Right To Free Speech And Justifies Censorship
Watch Live: Paris Climate DISCORD; The People Revolt Against Globalism
Watch Stephen Fry brilliantly debunk the Brexit lies of UK politicians and media
Watch: D’Souza DESTROYS „Proud Democrat” in Heated Q&A
WATCH: Innocent Man Politely Asks Cops for Directions—Who Then Smash His Face In and Kidnap Him
Weak Evidence Supports CDC’s Vaccine Claims – Report
What the telecom industry is hiding – EMF Health Summit
When America’s Press Contradicts America’s President
Why Bernie Sanders’ Yemen Bill Won’t End US Role in War
Why Is India Bragging About Allegedly Tracking a Chinese Submarine in the Indian Ocean?
Why is it a crime for a citizen to lie to the government, but no crime at all when government politicians routinely LIE to the citizens?
Why lard should be an essential part of your SHTF stockpile
Why Michelle Obama Is Definitely Running In 2020
With parliament in chaos, May lines up the next Tory MP to throw under the Brexit bus
Worden onze persoonsgegevens door de Overheid wel goed beveiligd?
Working for the Man… Not the Masses. The Corporate Predators
Wrinkles no more! A traditional Korean medicine has been found to prevent skin aging
Yellow Vest Protest Movement: Inequality and the Hollowness of the French Regime

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