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Nieuws alternatieve media 7.11.2018 brengt je dagelijks de laatste nieuwtjes verschenen in de alternatieve media in zowel Nederland als Internationaal. Thema's die aan bod komen zijn onder meer geopolitiek, deep state, Trump, gezondheid, milieu, big pharma, de klimaat hoax, kosmos en meer.



5 ways to avoid the risky medical system
6 ‘ultra-right’ arrested over plans to attack Macron
A Chinese herbal complex can prevent renal injury in patients with Type 2 diabetes
A guide to planting fruit trees in poor-quality soil
A guide to treating dog thyroid problems with natural medicine
A Historical and Psychological Evaluation of an Anonymous Wannabe Dictator who was a Classical Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Egomaniacal, Xenophobic Demagogue
A west tropical African plant analyzed to have strong antioxidant properties
A.I. Lie Detectors Being Tested To Replace Human Border Guards
Abrams: Banning Guns No Different Than Banning Radar Detectors
American Dream Re-Collapses: US Housing Least Affordable In A Decade
America's public education COLLAPSING as 2018 student test scores the worst in history
An Asian grass can be the key to removing lead from contaminated soil
Apple extracts increase the excretion of cholesterol by an impressive 35% in healthy people
Are Canadians Illegally Voting For Beto O’Rourke?
Asia Bibi en godslastering in de islam
At UN, Saudi vows to prosecute Khashoggi’s assassins
Available Jobs Compared to Unemployed Workers Near Record Low
Banned Video Archive: Trump Announces Anti-Trust Action Against Big Tech!
Basisschool Den Bosch geeft 2 extra vrije dagen vanwege offerfeest
Baudet verbrijzelt klimaatbeleid VVD, CDA & GroenLinks
Best #RedWave/Republican Victory Election Day Memes
Blue wave fizzles... Republicans keep the Senate; celebrity Democrat candidates in near-universal failure
Brazil: Bolsonaro’s win brings big dangers, but left ‘more united than ever’
BUSTED! Dem Candidates Caught Electioneering Within 100 Feet of Polling Location
Café Weltschmerz met Leo Verhoef
China’s Stealth Drone a „Clone” of US Tech
Christer Petley tells us one of the most shocking elements of researching the slave trade
Civilians Trapped as Saudi Airstrikes and Warships Pound Yemeni City of Hodeidah
CNN Lemon Pushes Racial Division, Trump Pushes Prison Reform
Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition
Contact lenses contributing to the microplastic pollution of our waterways
Court: Can't pay your ticket? Wash police cars and clean courtrooms or go to jail
Criminaliteit in Amsterdam loopt spuigaten uit
Cutting-Edge „Nanocardboard” Springs Back Into Shape After Being Bent
Data analysis, accountability and a little humor: The best of Uncovering Asia 2018
De rechtszaak van Asia Bibi
De slachtoffers van Saudi Arabië in Yemen
De voorspelde doem die maar niet wil komen
Desperate: Over 1,000 EU Firms Fight to Stay in London
Droogte onthult sporen middeleeuws bolwerk bij Noordlaren
Een lichtend voorbeeld voor alle journalisten in het NU en de nabije toekomst,…
EFF Unveils Virtual Reality Tool To Help People Spot Surveillance Devices in Their Communities
Eieren beschermen juist tegen hartziekten (en veroorzaken ze dus niet). Zijn we weer jarenlang misleid over voeding?
Elon Musk exposed – Space Force role
Er worden vieze, vuile en vunzige spelletjes gespeeld. Kamerlid legt in 1 minuut glashelder uit waarom we ons zo massaal buigen over het Midden-Oosten
Establishment zet LHBT-beweging in om cultuuroorlog te verhevigen
Exclusive! George Papadopoulos Tells Alex Jones He Was Framed By The CIA And Mueller
Exclusive: Roger Stone Responds To Friday’s Indictment Reports
Fmr Assistant Secretary of Treasury Explains What The Mid-Term Elections Are Really About
Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take The Chip
Fox News, NBC Pull Trump Caravan Ad – CNN & Facebook Won’t Run It
FRAUD: Texas Democratic congressional candidate running as a „registered nurse” has never actually been one
From OCD to depression to anxiety, learn how inositol can prevent many mental health disorders
Gay Trump Supporter Triggers Liberal At Starbucks
German media reveals how Chinese bribes for Siemens products flowed
GOP Immigration Sellout Kevin Yoder Loses Kansas House Race to Far-Left LGBT Native American
GQ: President Trump is an Alt-Right Radical Terrorist Worse Than ISIS
Grand Solar Minimum
Groene thee roeit kanker met wortel en tak uit. Britse wetenschappers doen zeer opvallende vondst
Have Muslims failed Islam in dealing the caste discrimination issue?
Herbal additives such as cumin oil found to increase shelf life of fresh fish fillets
Het franquisme vergeten?
Het graf van Franco en de twee Spanjes
Hillary Clinton Declares Blue Wave Win: ‘Today We Say Enough’ of Trump
Hollywood stars raise record $60m for Israel army
Home Resident Killed by Maryland Police Trying Confiscate His Guns
Horrific Video Shows 4 Cops Hold Man Down as One Smashes His Face in With a Taser
How Capitalism Is Killing Patients And Their Physicians
How not to pay homage to Maulana Azad
How To Make Money Stopping Illegal Alien Caravans
Ik twijfel sterk aan de conservatieve geloofsbrieven van Donald Trump
Illegal „VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT” Sign Posted at Polling Station in Pittsburgh
In Our Society, Who Are We All At War With? Peter Roth & Tom Goddard
Indonesië: Lombok opnieuw getroffen door aardbeving
Insanity: Florida Votes to Restore Voting Rights to Estimated 1.4 Million Felons
Iowa Rep. Steve King Wins Reelection Despite GOP, Media Establishment's Attacks
Is dit een buitenaards schip? Ruimtedeskundigen breken hun hoofd over mysterieus object in ons zonnestelsel
It Begins… Man Fatally Shot By Cops While Unlawfully Confiscating His Guns In Serving „Red Flag” Order
It Is NOT Okay To Be White!
It Took Six Months to Split Czechoslovakia. Why Should Brexit Take Six Years?
It’s Here, Election Day 2018: See The Censored Broadcast Democrats Fought To Suppress!
Jail Guards Stand Idly By as Mentally Ill Woman Gouges Out Her Own Eye and SWALLOWS It
Jammu and Kashmir: A Macabre Drama
Johnstone: Midterms Would Be A Walkover If Dems Had Not Wasted 2 Years On 'Russiagate'
Just One Energy Drink Enough to Harm Blood Vessels
Keith Ellison Pictured With Portland ANTIFA Leader At Minnesota State Fair
Key Governor Races Will Shape America’s Future Politics
Knight International Award for Life Achievement
Kosmos 7.11.2018
Koude nacht in Woensdrecht breekt weerrecord
Krugman: Election 'Rigged' Because Middle-American 'Whiter' States Have Equal Representation
maar vijf jaren meer om de planeet te redden
Macron Blasted for Threatening to Close Ports
Macron Wants „Real European Army”
Maduro Scrambles To Repatriate Venezuela's Gold After Trump Crackdown
Mediterranean Diet of Fish, Vegetables a Boon for Heart Health
MESA; Arab NATO-like Alliance
Minnesota’s CAIR ‘s Jaylani Hussein Tries to Link White Christian Protestants to the KKK!
Money Well-spent To Find Rats Should Not Use Cell Phones
Must Watch: Beto Volunteer Stumped When Asked What Candidate Did For Texas
NANCY? Pelosi urges cheers ‘for pre-existing conditions’, breaks into awkward victory dance
Net Neutrality and Small Cell Towers: How Much Did Politicians Receive From Big Wireless and Big Cable?
New York Times Observes Sharia Blasphemy Laws
niet-biologische en niet-vegetarische vol-au-vent met friet en hun spaghetti bolognese 
Nieuws 7.11.2018
Not 'Too Big To Fail': Why Facebook's Long Reign May Be Coming To An End
Officieel landelijk watertekort, droogte houdt aan
Onder druk van geweld en treiterijen? Haags PVV-raadslid pleegt zelfmoord
Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
Over 30,000 Died in 2015 From Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Over 50k Killed In The War In Yemen Since 2015
Pandora, anyone? Russia plans to set up moon base inhabited by ‘avatar robots’
Photo Captures Minnesota’s Wanna-Be Attorney General Hanging Out With Portland ANTIFA Leader Luis Enrique Marquez
Photos: Shockingly Low Turnout In Dem Districts
Powerful Video! Crowd Sings Amazing Grace For Fainting Woman At Trump Rally
Powerful! Ted Nugent Gives Final Midterm Election Message
Prevent muscle mass aging by taking more plant-based protein
Project Censored – Historian Peter Kuznick
Q Anon November: „de Media: liegen is een elementair middel tot zelfverdediging”.
Ram will not help BJP who has broken all promises
Rasmussen Poll Shows Republican Victory Nationwide, But Can Fraud Stop It?
Religion and Politics in Pakistan
Report: Sign at Pittsburgh Polling Station Tells Voters, ‘Vote Straight Democrat’
Republicans Must Vote To Save America, Democrats Vote To Destroy It
Resistente bacteriën belemmeren genezing van urineweginfecties
REVEALED: Keith Ellison Kept Breaking Traffic Laws As US Congressman
Rijn zakt naar vrijwel laagste stand ooit in zomerperiode
Roger Stone Predicts Election Results
RSS, Nazism and Fascism
Rush Limbaugh Blasts Hillary At Missouri Trump Rally
Ryan Dawson - Criticizing Those Behind Globalization Is Now Off Limits
Safety concerns regarding energy drinks prompt warnings and guideline recommendations from exercise science experts
Salt Mine: Liberal Tears Flow After Beto Beatdown in Texas Senate Race
Same "mom" trying to take away gun rights also promoted toxic cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide in children's breakfast cereals
Scientists Identify Key Molecule Responsible for Learning, Memory
Shark Attack: Fearing Monsters in the Whitsundays
Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches 'Magna Carta for the web' to save internet from abuse
Snowden Files Declaration in NSA Spying Case Confirming Authenticity of Draft Inspector General Report
Socialist Superstar Ocasio-Cortez Elected To Congress
SOTT FOCUS: De Nederlandse Geschiedenis Herhaalt Zich terwijl Sociale Spanningen Toenemen
SOTT FOCUS: Nederlandse onverdraagzaamheid: Kinderbescherming probeerde 10 jaar lang mijn kinderen uit huis te plaatsen, omdat ik thuisonderwijs gaf
SOTT FOCUS: Zit Er een Verborgen Hand Achter De 'Botsing der Beschavingen' in Europa?
Stacey Abrams Worked With Dem Socialists of America to Write Bills
Sterke aardbeving met kracht van 6,1 treft Costa Rica
Sterven doe je zelf | door Martijn van Staveren
Stock Market Set for Struggle If Dems Take House
Stone: What Happens with Mueller Persecution Post-Election
Stop de groene gekte. Waarom het hele klimaatdenken tot de allergrootste zwendels van deze tijd behoort
Stroom dode murenen spoelen aan op stranden Ibiza
Styxhexenhammer666 Joins Infowars To Give His Final Midterm Predictions
Take Indian kudzu if you're diabetic: It keeps your kidneys healthy
Tax wars, follow-up investigations and who was actually in the Paradise Papers?
The FDA Was Wrong About Opioids And MUCH MORE. Now They Say Don’t Worry About Cell Phone Radiation When Other Researchers Say We Should.
The Infectious Myth – Mary Holland JD puts the HPV vaccine on trial
The One Election Scenario That Would Be A „Disaster” For The Financial Markets
The surprising link between magnesium and brain health
The US Corporate Mid Term Elections Show – Morris
Tina Smith and Karin Housley Hold Final Debate For Minnesota Senate
Tiny Star May Be Oldest in Universe
Toestand in de Wereld Afl 120 Klimaatontkenners
Troops Set Up Barbed Wire Fence Along Southern Border
Trump Bullying Will Hurt Millions of Iranians
Trump to Defy Political Class This Midterm
Tune In Now! Infowars’ Banned 34-Hour Midterm Coverage
Undocumented Immigrant On Video Brags Of Illegally Recruiting Voters
Update – Drudge Siren: Exit Polls Show Dem Wave Building
US Should End Its Alliance with Pakistan Over Asia Bibi
US Uses Banned White Phosphorus Bombs in Syrian City for the Fourth Time in Two Months
US, China Prep for Top-Level Security Talks Before G-20
Vast array of breakfast cereals contain worrying levels of glyphosate
Venezolaanse president Maduro overleeft drone-aanslag
Veritas Bombshell: Election Official Admits Non-Citizens Voting in Texas
Video: Hillary Clinton Declares Blue Wave Win For Party She Destroyed
VIDEO: See President Trump’s Banned Ad
Video: Trump Tells ‘Protesters’ To „Go Back To Mommy”
Video: Trumpers Sing ‘God Bless The USA’ At Rally, Dem Protesters Chant ‘Racist Country, F*** This Song!’
villa van 9 miljoen dollar te kopen
Votes are being switched and others not counted in several states as turnout is heavy in many districts
Voting Machines Breaking Across Country
Watch Live Election Day Coverage – America’s Fate To Be Decided!
Watch: Infowars Army Invades The 3D World Of Austin, Texas, For Midterm Elections
we 2,5% van ons geld aan groene organisaties
We Must Go On The Total Offense (EVERYBODY) Or We Are Done!
Whether We Win Or Lose, This Is The Key
Whoa! Wait Till You See The Video Of A Third Wave Of Thousands In Migrant Caravan
Whoever Wins, Division Will Escalate to Fourth Turning
Why Is Israel Afraid of Khalida Jarrar?
Woon je langs de kust, dan is deze info voor jou
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