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Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 12 juni 2018

Forbiddensource brengt je iedere dag de laatste nieuwtjes gepubliceerd in
de alternatieve media in zowel Nederland als de rest van de wereld. Veel
nieuws op het gebied van geopolitiek, milieu, gezondheid, klimaat, militaire
industriele complex, kosmos en meer.

Het nieuws van vandaag

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American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.- A Review
Analisten buiten Europa eens dat ondergang EU en euro kwestie van tijd
Angolan tycoon’s frozen funds highlight KPMG’s role in offshore secrecy
Artist Creates Stunning Sand Sculpture Depicting Peaceful Trump-Kim Summit
bank accounts linked to major figures in FIFA
Baseless energy and climate policies profoundly damaging EU economy – Julia Reid MEP
Belangrijker voor hartpatiënten om actief te zijn dan slank
Billions of microplastics flooding our seas, scientists warn that environmental pollution is worse than initially thought
Bulgarian justice system fails to protect EU citizens against property fraud by Russian groups
Cafeïne maakt mensen positiever door hun alertheid te beïnvloeden
Canada Rejects Trump
Child Labour: Capability and Well-Being
Combat Vet Posts Shocking Picture of How Many Pills He Has to Take Because Cannabis is Illegal
Conspiracy Theory Confirmed: Researcher Shows How Phone Shows Ads Based on Conversations It Hears
Cosmic Rays Rising, Volcano Data, Big News Coming
Cost of government rises when local newspaper closes, study finds
De alternatieve tijdlijn brengt je iedere dag het laatste #nieuws
De man die in het theater woont
Dennis Rodman Gives Emotional Interview On N. Korea: "Obama Didn't Even Give Me The Time Of Day!"
Deranged Media Offers Nothing But NEGATIVE Coverage Of Trump-Kim Summit
Did David Hogg Subtweet His Parkland Peers During the Tony Awards?
Do Islands Float? Rep. Hank Johnson Investigates
EMF Awareness Day on Anniversary of ElectroHypersensitive Teen’s Suicide
Enkele opvallende zaken in de rechtszaak Michael P.
Er stierven veel minder Joden in concentratiekampen en maanlandingen waren nep. Professor doet opmerkelijke uitspraken
EU Official Tweets Photo Claiming Putin Has Dirt on Trump
Euraziatische landen versterken samenwerking via SCO
Facebook only pretended to shut down access to friends' data in 2015, quietly continued access for its favored partners
Fall Of The Deep State – 34-Hour LIVE Analysis: Release of the IG Report
Farmers forced to measure vapours and gases to improve world climate – Stuart Agnew MEP
FCC Wants a „Market-Based Approach” for Internet
Federal prosecutors searched two offices
Feds Spend $699,085 Using The Church to Tell Latinos to Exercise
Fleeing Bilderberg Members Confronted At Italian Airport
Freethinking writer and politician shot dead in Bangladesh
G7 Fallout: Trudeau Stabs Trump In The Back
GDP Growth to Double Last Year’s
Germany: Leftist Parliament Members Sabotage Minute’s Silence For Teenage Girl Murdered by Migrant
Gezonder leven betekent de voedingsindustrie loslaten…..
Global Elites Meet In Secret To Save Their Power Structure
Graham Phillips dismantles BBC + NOS WorldCup FakeNews
Graphene-based water filter that produces potable water invented by scientists
Hawaii/USGS/No End in Sight/Grand Solar Minimum
Het eindspel
Het nieuw Vlaams feminisme
Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve #media
High-protein supplements may help you recover faster after a strenuous workout
HISTORIC: President Trump Meets With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
Hoe de voedingsindustrie miljoenen mensen dik en ziek maakt met toestemming overheden
How President Trump Has Changed The Course Of Humanity
Humans Need Not Apply: AI to Take Over Customer Service Jobs
Iceland’s Viking Heroes: Another ‘White Power Freak-Out’ over Nordic Sports Team Embracing Their Heritage
International Quds Day
Is it any coincidence that the jump in U.S. suicide rates coincides with the rise in social media?
Is There An Association Of Lyme Disease With Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Israeli Company Is Selling Autonomous Surveillance Systems to Governments Around the World
Italian Police Mistake Journalist For Terrorist: Bilderberg 2018
Jim Acosta Shouts At Kim Jong Un: 'Will You Give Up Your Nuclear Weapons, Sir?'
Kaboom! Smart Phone Catches Fire Inside a Moving Vehicle — Adding to Long List of „Smart” Devices in Flames Including Utility „Smart” Meters.
Katie Hopkins: HUGE #FreeTommy rally in London
Kentucky Law Officials charged with transporting moonshine and eyeballs
Kim Jong Un: 'The World Will See A Major Change'
Knesset foils efforts to end Israeli apartheid
Learn How to Spot a Liar
Libië voor en na militair ingrijpen door NAVO. Deze hallucinante foto’s laten zien hoe de verspreiding van democratie eruitziet
Mars discovery almost certainly proves life exists on other planets
Martina Markota: Digital Colonialism is Real, and Dangerous
McCain’s War Powers Update Torches The Constitution
Media Says Fair Trade Is Racist To Make Trump Look Bad
Memory strengthening TMR technique found to be more successful when accompanied with undisturbed sleep to promote memory consolidation
Mensen worden echt bezeten door demonen. Prominente psychiater doet een boekje open
Microwave Weapons in China and Cuba? US State Dept, Says Mysterious Illnesses Linked
Musk Delivers 1,000 "Not a Flamethrower" Units: 20,000 Sold at $500 Each
Negotiations? 3rd World Nations Be Aware! Americans Napalmed & Bombed Out All 38 N.Korean Cities!
Net Neutrality Is Dead — What Now?
New Sunspots, Severe Storms, Dust
Nieuw onderzoek dwingt ons anders te kijken naar evolutie. Wetenschappers komen tot zeer verrassende conclusie
Nieuwe mijlpaal: ‘Patronen van Bedrog’…!!
North Korea Parallels Between Hirohito And Kim Jong-un
Notice of retraction, correction, and clarification
Nutritionists find a way to boost the nutritional profile of maize tortillas naturally
One Company’s Tax ‘Heaven’ Is Senegal’s Tax ‘Hell’
Ongekend in de historie van de bilderbergconferentie!
Orangutan defends forest home from giant excavator ripping down trees
Orban: „Soros Wants to Profit From Ruining Europe”
Our ancestors survived on it: Hardtack bread is a staple survival food with a long shelf-life
Patriots Who Protested Bill Clinton Speak Out
Photos: Trump Supporters in Singapore Ecstatic Over Peace Summit
Poland Official Mulls Hosting Permanent US Military Bases
Politie overvalt wetenschappers die nieuwe vaccingevaren ontdekten
Poll: Bill Clinton a Sexual Predator, Most Voters Say
Pompeo: We Are ‘Eager’ to See If North Korea Is ‘Sincere’ About Denuclearization
Pope Purges Chilean Church Over Sex Abuse Scandal
proposed three key changes to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, including
Psychopaat Michael P. bereidde de dood van Anne goed voor
PTSD patients can no longer recognize positive emotions, disturbing study concludes
Q/World Wide Weather False Flag/Tropical Update
Report: Kim Jong Un Brings Private Toilet to Summit with Trump
Report: Women Not Working Out Enough
Robert De Niro said 'f--- Trump' at the Tony Awards and got a standing ovation
Ron Paul: Trump/Kim Meeting Shows Value of Policy Over Politics
Slapen… ontdek nu wat je er beslist over moet weten!
Solved: Cosmic Glow Caused by Diamond Dust
South Korean researchers CONFIRM that echinacea protects you against stress-related diseases
Spain Offers to Take In Drifting Migrant Ship Aquarius
Stranded nurse saves his own life during a heart attack
Study Reveals Complex Journey From Hungry to „Hangry”
Study: Late-Night Exam Cramming More Harmful Than Good
Study: Teens should run a mile every day to prevent depression
Summit In Singapore: All The Mainstream Media Can Do Is Whine And Complain
Sweden’s largest football tournament bans ‘forbidden pork’ from the menu to please Muslims
Swiss authorities propose major money-laundering law reforms
Talks between New Delhi And Srinagar: Options and Possibilities
The Clean Label Project is engaged in SCIENCE FRAUD to mislead consumers and falsely accuse protein powders of being alarmingly contaminated with heavy metals (OPINION)
The Gary Null Show – 06.11.18
The new Deep Fakes are in and they're spookily good
The Ramsay Twist: Australian University Funding and Western Civilisation
The Real Deep State Coup
The sex-weight connection: Understanding the role the brain plays in body weight control
The U.S. Forest Service is planning to remove dead ponderosa pine trees along Highway 20; officials suspect the trees died because of herbicides
The War Nerd: Anglo-American Media’s Complicity in Yemen’s Genocide
These 7 bad habits could be the reason why you're not getting enough sleep
This very real GMO scenario would be a disaster!
Tommy Robinson Demonstration Takes Over London
Transgender Boys Win State Track Meet Against Girls
Treasury Hits Russian Intelligence for Underwater Spying
Treating eczema and dermatitis in infants
Trudeau’s Wayward Fake Eyebrows Are Widely Mocked
Trump Speaks The Unvarnished Truth At Epic Press Conference in Singapore
Trump to support ending federal prohibition of marijuana
Trump Told Kim to View the Future ‘From a Real Estate Perspective’
Trump/Kim Summit: Breakthrough or Publicity Stunt?
Trump-Kim Signed Statement: 'The DPRK Commits to Work Toward Complete Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula'
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Apologizes to His Followers for Doing the Unforgivable
uitvoerig neergepend op de site van Doorbraak.
UK security minister proposes "Digital IDs" to enforce online civility
Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health
US and North Korea strike a deal in Singapore
US Should Watch Italian Bank Runs
Vakbonden verliezen 88.000 leden in twee jaar tijd
Video: Kim Strolls Singapore Covered By ‘Wall of Bodyguards’ Before Meeting Trump
Vote to End Fractional Reserve Banking in Switzerland
Waarom roept iedereen dat de mensheid ‘wakker moet worden’?
Watch As Chaos Erupts At Tommy Robinson Protest; Police Chased Down Street As 1000s Rage
Watch Live: Korean Summit Marks Beginning Of Important Week For President Trump
Watch Live: The Art Of The Deal Comes To North Korea
Watch: #MeToo Protest Erupts Outside Bill Clinton Event in Austin
Watch: President Trump Greets Kim Jong-un at Singapore Summit
Weekly Update — Trump/Kim Meeting Shows Value of Policy Over Politics
What Could Go Wrong? U.S. Army Planning to Deploy Autonomous Killer Robots on Battlefield by 2028
White House Reveals Who Will Be In the Room With Trump, Kim
White South African Farmers Trained By Israeli Special Forces to Fight Off Violent Attacks
Who will pay for the roads, wie betaalt de wegen?
Why is Cardinal Parolin attending a Bilderberg Group meeting?


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