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Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 14 mei 2018

Forbiddensource brengt je iedere dag de laatste nieuwtjes gepubliceerd in de alternatieve
media in zowel Nederland als de rest van de wereld. Veel nieuws op het gebied van
geopolitiek, milieu, gezondheid, klimaat, militaire industriele complex, kosmos en meer.

Het nieuws van vandaag

$21 trillion lost: Largest theft in history buried under guise of US national security – Lee Camp
‘All people can live in peace,’ says Jared Kushner as Israel kills dozens of Palestinians
‘Biblical prophecy’: Fox host Judge Jeanine mocked for backing embassy’s Jerusalem move
‘Centrumrechtse Koerden komen niet op voor hun identiteit’
‘Shy but intelligent’: Fish with ‘human teeth’ caught in South Carolina (PHOTO)
‘Thank You President Trump’ on Walls of Jerusalem on Eve of Embassy Move
‘They’re trying to kill him’: Pamela Anderson wants Kanye’s help to free Assange
‘Trump Make Israel Great’ banners hung through Jerusalem
‘UFO’ haalt energie uit bliksemschicht. Dit opzienbarende filmpje is zojuist viraal gegaan
‘Years of not wanting to offend anyone nurtured Islamic extremism in the West’
„I’m Not Going To Validate A Leak!” Sarah Sanders Shuts Up Reporter Over Kelly Sadler
„Singing” Space Cloud Explains Star System Origins
„We Will Build A 21st Century Christian Democracy” – Hungarian PM
220 cases of "nightmare bacteria" with antiobiotic-resistant genes recorded in 27 states
33 Years Ago Today, Police Fire Bombed a Neighborhood in Philly, Killing Women and Children
7 Reasons why you should start building an aquaponics garden now
A bowl of curry a day can keep your heart healthy - Nutrition Journal study
A dress code for polling places? Supreme Court to decide constitutionality
A flesh-eating disease is spreading in Australia and officials have no idea how to stop it
Aanstaande verkiezingen worden gehouden door aliens. Pakistaanse politieke zwaargewichten doen opvallende uitspraken
Acid Attack Victim „Looked Like Zombie”
Adivasis Are Not Begging For Charity, But Their Constitutional Rights
Alex/Corsi Respond to Q/ Full Panic Mode. WHY?
AnacondaMaltLiquor voorspelde in navolging van Ole Dammegard vooraf de Las Vegas schietpartij die volgens hem (en mij)een hoax was
Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Rising
Anti-Trump Group Urges Mothers To ‘Talk to Your Child About the GOP’
Antwoord aan een echte sos
Are you feeding your brain the right nutrients? Folate, vitamins B12, C, E, and D are crucial for mental health
Arms trade campaigners crash annual BAE meeting with stark questions about Yemeni civilians
Army's New Weapon: Special Goggles Allow Soldiers To Shoot Around Corners
As CO2 Levels Soar Past ‘Troubling’ 410 ppm Threshold, Trump Kills NASA Carbon Monitoring Program
At least 1 dead, attacker killed in mass stabbing in central Paris
Autoriteit, Autonomie & Authenticiteit – De Triple A status van bestaan
BELGIUM: Grand Mosque of Brussels Pushing Violent Jihad on Followers
Berkeley Blames Conservatives for Campus Violence At Free Speech Events
Bolton, Hanson, and Color Revolution Plan for Iran
BOMBSHELL: Corrupt CDC diverted $3 million in taxpayer money to radical left-wing causes having NOTHING to do with science
Boston Dynamics Is Going to Start Selling its Creepy Robots in 2019
BREAKING: Top UK Betting Sites Say Trump Set To Win Nobel Peace Prize
Brennan, Strzok And Kerry Allegedly Set „Spy Traps” For Trump Team; Hunt For FBI Mole Intensifies
Britse denktank wil geld uitdelen aan millennials
Buy your future overlord: Creepy robot dog SpotMini up for sale soon
California Bill Wants To Drop Washington/Lincoln’s Birthday And Replace It With Communist Holiday
Can The Global Mafia Peel Syria Away From Iran – Morris
CEO Changes Tune: $15 Minimum Wage Now Hurting Workers
China’s trade with Iran to continue unhindered, opens rail link
City Slaps Burn Victim with Violation for Not Mowing Lawn While He Was in the Hospital
Clinton Sent $150K in Campaign Cash to LLC Managing Book, Speaking Income
CNN Reporter Complains Trump Empowers Dictators Against The Media
CNN’s Porn Lawyer: Are His Briefs Legal?
Cognitive-Behavioral Workforce Conditioning Through Online Adaptive-Learning Technetronics
Compounds in green tea show promise in treating Down's syndrome; may even help prevent facial features associated with the disorder
Conspiracy Theory? Politicians and Corporations Admit to Paying Actors to Show Fake Support
Court Orders UK Gov to Compensate Deported Homeless Migrants
Dave Feldman – ‘Cholesterol is a Passenger, Not a Driver’
David Icke – Culling The Population
Days ahead of moving embassy to ‘capital’ Jerusalem, US has ‘no position’ on Israeli border there
De 911-Leugens-museumtour o.l.v. Barbara Honegger
de Dertigjarige Oorlog en het conflict dat zich nu in het Midden-Oosten afspeelt
De dollar als een probleem
De echte nucleaire bedreiging van het midden oosten
De echte sos is opgestaan
De keuzes van Israël
De lange armen van de suikerindustrie
De ondergang van Europa.
De resolutie van Straatsburg (1975) – Olie voor moslim-immigratie.
De stad in de stad: Entretemps
De ultieme nachtmerrie voor Mark Rutte en zijn medepolitici
De Verklaring van Marrakech (Nederland tekent voor massa-immigratie).
De Schande van de Mainstream Media
DEA Knowingly Gave Addicts and Drug Dealers Licenses to Prescribe Opioids—Fueling the Epidemic
Dear Diabetics, Videotaped Research Study Demonstrates How Using Treadmills Can Mess With Your Blood Sugar Levels
Death Sentence for Julian Assange?
Democrat Runs For Congress to 'End Mansplaining'
Democratic House Hopeful Decries ‘Mansplaining’ In Congress In New Ad
Democrats’ lead melting ahead of midterms as Trump turns hawkish
Dertigjarige oorlog
DHS Radio Ads Recruit Migrants From Central America
Diaper Consent: The Orwellian Madness Of The Left
Did China Shoot Lasers at US Pilots in Djibouti?
Dingen worden hier voorgesteld alsof ze uit een stripverhaal komen: heel simplistisch en niet in overeenstemming met de werkelijkheid
Disruptive DeVos and the AFC Push „Personalized” Virtual School Privatization
Do You Want To Travel Around The Middle East? Think Twice!
Do Your Kids Think Wi-Fi is Magic? Do You?
DOJ, DHS Aim to End Companies Favoring Foreign Workers aflevering 104 van 13-05-2018
Drug Price Proposal a Boon for Seniors on Fixed Incomes
Dying Well –Palliative Care in India
Ecuador hints it may hand over Julian Assange to Britain and the US
Ecuadorian Embassy Adds New Rules For Julian Assange — No Visitors, Phone Calls Or Internet
Egyptian Kangaroo Court jails 65 Morsi supporters up to 10 years
Einde aan wekelijkse column Gale Boetticher
Elderly will be cared for by ROBOTS to solve staff shortage
EU verbiedt vanaf 25 mei alle openbare amateur fotografie
EU wil 60 miljoen migranten naar Europa halen.
Even the briefest exposure to air pollution can trigger an acute respiratory infection in young children
EXCLUSIVE: Inside Israeli Bunker Along Syrian Border
Facebook Doubles Down On Virtual Reality
Facebook Lawyer Lies to Congress?
Facebook suspends 200 apps over data misuse investigation
Fake scientist Bill Nye went from educating children to advocating their murder: He's now speaking for Planned Parenthood and pushing population control
Federal Judge Releases Illegal Alien Who Rammed Car into Daycare Center
Fifty Years without You in this Wilderness
Finnish court okays Muslim’s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his „culture”
Fire-breathing Disney dragon bursts into flames during parade (VIDEOS)
First-of-its-kind study reveals that finished kitchen cabinets are emitting toxins
Florida cop filmed hitting teen daughter in front of school staff (VIDEO)
For your plant-based diet to be nutritionally complete, you have to avoid deficiency of vitamins and minerals usually gained from animal products
Free Speech Advocate Fights Sharia Law After Landmark Conviction
French Police Identify Knife-Wielding Killer in Suspected Paris Terror Attack
Gang Charged With Over $3 Million Worth of Thefts
Germany’s New Right Wing
Globalist Plan: Iran Was Always The Goal
Guilty Men of The Two-Nation Theory: A Hindutva Project Borrowed By Jinnah
Happy Mother’s Day America: 12 Million Millennials Still Live With Their Moms
Harry Reid Leaked Trump Collusion Letter After Brennan Phone Call
he didn't expect Russia to act against Israeli forces
Hellfire-Missile-Equipped Strykers Sent To Europe To Counter Russia
Helpful Hard Truths for Big Easy Education: The Sound of Silence
Helpt cannabis tegen eczeem en psoriasis? Dit onderzoek is een geschenk uit de hemel voor miljoenen patiënten
Het is tijd om wakker te worden. Activist plaatst gruwelfoto van chemtrails in lucht boven Florida
Het Laatste Nieuws (09/05)
Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media
Het tegenspel van SOMO in Afrika; Alphonse Muambi en Paul Elshof
High Alert For Palestinian Slaughter And Conflict With Iran
Hillary Clinton: Large Portion of US ‘Uneasy,’ ‘Angry’ About Women Seeking Power
Hoe dertig jaar oorlog Europa hertekende
How Criminals Steal $37 Billion a Year from America’s Elderly
How Obama's PROMISE program resulted in the murder of schoolchildren in Parkland
How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment, and Government Stick It to You
Hungry, sick and increasingly desperate, thousands of Venezuelans are pouring into Colombia
Identitarian Movement Under Attack by Austrian Government
Il Miracolo di Sant’Alfio, een eurokritische regering in Italië
Immigration, Terrorism Top Issues For Europeans
Infamous Islamophobe pastor picked to pray at US embassy opening in Jerusalem
Innocent Couple Raided by Cops for Facebook Post of LEGAL Morel Mushrooms
integratierapport van de Vlaamse overheid , 
Iran dreigt corrupte westerse politici te ontmaskeren. Wie liet zich omkopen om het atoomakkoord door te drukken?
Iran Threatens To Expose US Diplomats Who Took Bribes To Create Nuclear Deal
Iran ziet vraag naar beleggingsgoud sterk toenemen
Is Eugenics Alive, Well And Actually Thriving Today?
Islamic Crime Wave in Germany
Israel Kills 28, Injures 600 In Gaza As Palestinians Protest Opening Of US Embassy In Jerusalem
Israel Launches Massive Military Strike Against Iranian Targets in Syria
Israel repurposes Nakba myths to justify today’s massacre in Gaza
Israel: 70 jaar jong
Israel’s Global Censorship & How Police & Governments Are Helping Them Do It
Israelis kill 16 Gaza protesters ahead of US embassy opening in Jerusalem
Italië – Eurosceptisch en niet zo’n beetje
Italy is poised for an anti-establishment leader
Je bent niet ziek, je bent ziek gemaakt door Big Pharma. Huisarts onthult hoe medicijnen leiden tot daling van de levensverwachting
Jean Bilquin: een boeiende reis van vertellen naar zeggen
Jerusalem Stands Alone
John Bolton’s Plan B Now Operational
Judaica Means No Real Russian Reaction To Israel’s Warfare – Morris
Julian Assange mogelijk uitgeleverd aan de VS
Justice leaders wary to try ISIS fighters in US, as prosecutors push for case
Kashmir: Hegemonic Discourse And Azadi
Killery brokkelt langzaam af
Kimchi is one of the most powerful probiotic foods you can eat
Kimmel: America sick of Trump bashing
Knifeman in Paris Terror Attack Flagged As Potential Threat
Kosmos 14.5.2018 – grillig aardmagnetisch veld
Kosmos update – 13.5.2018
Leaked Doc Reveals White House Planning ‘Regime Change’ in Iran
Learn About The Only Media Organization Not Owned By Millionaires
Liggen er kabels onder jouw huis? 7 vragen over hoogspanning
London Gang Violence to Spread to Every UK Town
Man with large weapons cache, body armor, found posted up in Waikiki hotel, claimed to be federal agent on a mission
Mannen Gaan Hun Eigen Weg – MGTOW
Mapping Erik Prince's Private Mercenary Empire
Marc Hendrickx en Bart Schols: met open ogen in de val
Marginalised Sections – Casualties on Both Sides of Struggle
Mark Warner: Trump Aides’ Contacts With Russians Could Be ‘Coincidences,’ Not Collusion
Maxine Waters Is A Globalist Race Pimp Embarrassment
May the Force BEAT with You: Man thrown in prison for beating his mother with a light saber
Meer dan 250 kinderen in Gaza beschoten met scherpe munitie
Meet NASA’s robot helicopter of Mars (VIDEO)
Merkel Receives Catholic Award for Helping Muslim Migrants, Criticizes Trump
Mexico: 91 Politicians Murdered Leading up to General Elections
Militant family uses child in suicide bomb attack on Indonesian police
Mothers Who Lost Children At the Hands of the Police #STAND for Justice in DC!
My Home is Beit Daras: Our Lingering Nakba
Nano-Tech, ons DNA en Mind Control: Feit: de CIA, MK Ultra militaire nano deeltjes zijn reeds in je lichaam aanwezig
NASA starts space study to see if sperm can still function in weightless environments
Navy SEAL team leaders suspended over alleged sexual misconduct
Nederland gerustgesteld: Rutte gebruikte geen informatie
New Data Shows Police State Facial Recognition Is WRONG Over 90% Of The Time
New Jersey school eliminates try-outs for cheerleading squad with new „inclusivity” rule that rewards mediocrity
Niet president Trump, maar de diepe staat bestuurt Amerika. Assad haalt uit in dit interview
Nieuwe Amerikaanse studie laat verband zien bij proefdieren tussen aluminium in kindervaccins en #autisme
Nimmo: Donald Trump’s Neocon Conversion was Predictable
Nobel Peace Prize or North Korean Rope-A-Dope?
Nog meer burocratische waanzin uit Brussel, de linkbelasting tast basis internet aan
NORAD Confirms Russian Strategic Bombers Intercepted Off Alaskan Coast
North Korea Invites International Media to Watch Nuclear Test Site Shutdown
North Korea to publicly close nuclear test site on May 23-25, invites journalists
Not Ready For Prime Time: UK Law Enforcement Facial Recognition Software Producing Tons Of False Positives [Updated]
NY Dems Want To BAN Shooting Sports Because It ‘Spreads Gun Culture’
NYC store security guard filmed tackling teen to the ground, charged with assault (VIDEO)
Oklahoma Gov Vetoes Bill Allowing Adults to Carry Guns Without Permit
Overdue „Solar Storm” to Spark Crisis
Package explosion outside a Texas church sparks fears of another serial bomber
Pakistan Imposes Reciprocal Restrictions on US Diplomats
Pallywood, of het permanente fake news van de Palestijnen
Paris Attack voorspelt tijdens Haagse Wateringse Veld hoax?
Paris Attacker ID'ed As Chechen Immigrant, Was Known As Threat to French Intel
Paris Stabbing: ISIS ‘Soldier’ Kills 1, Injures 4
Police Realizing That SESTA/FOSTA Made Their Jobs Harder; Sex Traffickers Realizing It's Made Their Job Easier
Police threaten to ban and arrest people mocking tiny cannabis bust in Yorkshire
Poll: Europeans Say Greatest Threats Are Immigration and Terrorism
Poll: Immigration Top Concern For People In 9 European Countries
Pompeo Rips Brennan For Saying Kim Jong Un Is ‘Duping’ Trump
Pompeo: Post-Nuclear North Korean Economy „Will Rival” South Korea
Pounds and poison from Moscow
President Donald Trump`s Conservative Stance on Immigration Will Fire Back?
Professor Dave Schubert – There are no studies on human safety of GMO food
Prophecy is Happening in the Middle East
Q Drops the Bomb on Alex/Roger/Corsi.
Q: Stay The Course
QAnon Compromised: Intel Source Hijacked By The Deep State’s Disinformation Campaign
Raad van Europa: resolutie 1743 over islam, islamisme en islamophobia in Europa.
Rare Disease Hits Livelihood of Horse Cart Riders
Read The Secret 45 Goals of Communism Leaked to Congress in 1963 The pro-liberty answer to YouTube censorship is now less than 60 days away from launch
Recycling innovator in de bak voor het verlengen levensduur pc's
Report: DHS Secretary Nielsen ‘Implored’ Not to Quit by John Kelly As Illegal Immigration Skyrockets
Report: Israeli Weapons Among Arms Handed Over to Syrian Army by Terrorists in Damascus
Report: Pompeo Demands North Korea Give Up 5 Nukes Ahead of Summit
Report: Schneiderman Targeted Trump After Accusers Sought Trump’s Help in 2013
Reps or Dems, all US govts are 'oppressive,' says Chelsea Manning
Respected Free Speech Lawyer Admits Tech Giants, MSM, And Liberals Are Repealing The 1st Amendment
Ron Paul – The NSA Continues to Abuse Americans
Russia Backs Off Arming Syria With Advanced Anti-Air Defense After Netanyahu Visit
Russians Show Up In Court, Mueller Doesn’t
SCHLICHTER: Brutalized By Trump’s Winning, Liberals Nip at Conservatives’ Ankles
Scientists Predict Massive Explosions Due to Hawaii Volcano
Secret FBI Program Now Jailing Activists for Speaking Out Against Police Brutality on Facebook
See It To Believe It: Maxine Waters Melts Down Saying, ‘I Resent Make America Great Again’
Smooth criminal: Burglar caught doing victory dance before getting picked up by police (VIDEO)
Soldier destroys Humvees with the power of gravity
Special counsel probing donations with foreign connections to Trump inauguration
Stalin, de sluwe schaker
Study: Sanctuary Cities Nearly Double Under Trump’s Stricter Enforcement
Sun Controls Weather, Coronal Hole | S0 News May.13.2018
Supreme Court strikes down ban on sports betting in victory for New Jersey
Syrië krijgt geen S 300 raketten van Rusland meer
Syrië vergeldt Israëlische aanval, dus Israël beschuldigt Iran
Tap water in Fayetteville, North Carolina tainted with carcinogen, new analysis reveals
Tesla with self-driving capability crashes into fire truck, investigation launched (PHOTO)
Test Shows Einstein Wrong on „Spooky Action at A Distance”
The Biggest Threat to Peace
The Cannabis Crisis No One Is Talking About
The Donald's Done: the Deep State Wins Its War on America First
The Eclipsing Iran Deal-Truth And Consequences
The Fall of the European Union | Janice Atkinson and Stefan Molyneux
The Gary Null Show – 05.11.18
The IMF’s Reprehensible Campaign for Continued Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
The Psychopathology of Capitalism – Chapter 2, Pt. 1
The Robot Apocalypse Is Nigh: Boston Dynamics Releases New Videos
The Side Effects of Metformin & How to Minimize Them
These are the items that you need in your first-aid kit if you just want to carry the bare minimum
This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About Syria
THOUGHT POLICE: U.K. to throw people in prison for criticizing transgender surgery that maims children
Thousands Signing Petition to #FireSessions
Tijdreizigers zijn welkom op herdenkingsdienst Stephen Hawking. Maar hoe gaan we ze herkennen?
Toestand in de Wereld Afl 100
Toward a Sustainable Wellbeing Economy
Travel Industry Slowly Accepts Child Sex Trafficking Epidemic
Trey Gowdy: Leaking Not ‘Constructive’ To Get Government Documents
Trump Helps Swing State Candidate
Trump Preps Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan
Trump seems to think he's killed Iran nuclear deal
Trump Supporters Descend On Site of New US Embassy in Jerusalem
Trump to Keep Coal Plants Open
Trump’s Iran Strategy Has Dems Crying Wolf Despite Success in Korea
Twitter Censors Push Notifications From President Trump Tweets
Two more Michael Snyder videos published: Economic freedom and medical freedom explained
UCI hiring director to promote ‘social justice’ in ‘Esports’
UK government will deputise newsagents to collect and retain identity documents from the nation's pornography viewers
UK Has Sold $1bn of Weapons to Turkey Since Coup Attempt
US exceptionalism Trump-style: Believing no deal can work without America
US may sanction EU companies who trade with Iran - Bolton
US media focuses on embassy opening in Jerusalem amid bloodbath in Gaza
US Military Has A Meme Warfare Branch
US opens Jerusalem embassy on 'great day for peace' as dozens of Palestinians shot dead
US will promise N. Korea's Kim Jong-un it will not seek regime change – Pompeo
Van de actie werd op beeldmateriaal verspreid
vanaf 25 mei is fotograferen personen op straat verboden bij EU wet
Venus Williams Decries Modern Day Feminism
Verklaring van Marrakech (Nederland tekent voor voortzetting massa-immigratie).
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Socialist Embarrasses Herself
VIDEO: China's 1st home-built aircraft carrier heads out for sea trials
Video: MSNBC Host Jokes About Choking Sarah Sanders
Voedselboswachters gevraagd!
Vrijheid Radio Week 19
War On Cash Goes into Full Effect — Purchases Over $10,000 ILLEGAL in Australia
Watch Live: Maxine Waters Has Complete Mental Breakdown On The House Floor
WATCH LIVE: The Vin Armani Show Returns to Discuss Bitcoin’s Impact on Culture
Watch: MSM Attempting To Cover Up Latest Islamic Terror Knife Attack
Watch: Trump Demands NKorea Turn 5 Nukes Over To France Or Summit Is Off
We’re All Trespassers Now In The Face Of The Government’s Land Grabs
Weer twee oudere mensen op boerderij Zuid Afrika vermoord
WH spokeswoman chides staffers for leaking ‘unacceptable’ comment about ‘dying’ McCain – report
White House Press Briefing
White Identity Politics Is Enshrined in Canada's Constitution
Why Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time? Anxiety, Depression, Eye Strain, Insomnia, ADD/ADHD, Delayed Maturity, Cancer Risk, Text Neck, Diabetes, Obesity, Digital Addiction, Infertility…
Why We MUST Fight Ferociously to Remove the Trump/Pence Regime From Office—A Rebuttal to Vox’s Dylan Matthews
Women Accuse Quadriplegic Of 'Sexual Battery' For 'Deceiving Them Into Sexual Acts,' Cite 'Power Dynamics'
You know probiotics are essential to gut health, but did you know they DETOXIFY your system too?

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