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Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 5 december 2017

Forbiddensource brengt je iedere dag de laatste nieuwtjes gepubliceerd in de alternatieve
media in zowel Nederland als de rest van de wereld. Veel nieuws op het gebied van
geopolitiek, milieu, gezondheid, klimaat, militaire industriele complex, kosmos en meer.

Het nieuws van vandaag

"Accusing Someone You Disagree With Of Being A Russian Troll Is Admitting You Have No Argument"
‘Antifa’ Gear No Longer Available on Walmart Website
‘Proper Trollop’: Chelsea Handler Calls White House Press Sec A Whore
10 people arrested after journalist who exposed Panama papers corruption killed in car bomb
2Doc: Beerput Nederland
3,108 Since Oct. 1: Refugee Admissions Drop by 489%, As Trump Withdraws From UN Migration Compact
3D-Printed Suicide-Machines Will Usher In a Silent Genocide
58 People Were Killed in Las Vegas, We Still Don't Know Why or How, and Nobody Cares
A Religion Called Economy
A Republic’s Not An Empire — A Manifesto For The AntiWar Movement
ABC forced to „correct” FAKE NEWS report that candidate Trump directed Michael Flynn to talk to Russians — „Collusion” hoax takes another hit
ABC’s Error On Trump-Russia Investigation Shows Why Public Faith In Media Is At Rock Bottom
After Steinle Verdict, Rep Unveils Bill to Imprison Officials Who Shelter Illegal Immigrants
Alex Jones Saw Through Flynn Disinfo Before It Came Apart
Alex Jones: Globalists Will Kill Trump If Unable To Remove From Office
All bitcoins combined worth more than Greece & New Zealand
Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines
Amazon Driver Caught Dropping A Deuce On The Street In Front Of Customer's House
America’s Electoral Choices: Liberal Fascism, versus Conservative Fascism
America’s Puerile Preoccupation: Sex, Sex, Sex and more Sex!
Antifa Thugs Viciously Beat Liberal For Supporting Free Speech And Nonviolence
Anti-Trump FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Probe Relied On Russian Dossier
Anti-Trump FBI Agent Tricked Michael Flynn Into Talking Without A Lawyer, Report Suggests
Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Pattern Of Bias On Mueller’s Team
Apple CEO Tim Cook says he ‘shares China’s cyberspace vision’ at an event promoting the country’s internet censorship
Are pedophiles targeting your children with online streaming? Hundreds already arrested
Arizona Citizens Tracked In Facial Recognition Database In First Step For REAL ID Implementation
Belgian Red Cross chapter instructs its branches to REMOVE the Christian cross from their walls in latest PC attack on Western culture
Belgian Red Cross Orders Crucifixes Removed From Its Buildings
BESTE VAN HET WEB: Verslaggever Wierd Duk over de blanke 'onderklasse' en islamisering
Between Sehwag’s Fascist Tweets And My Brothers Painful Ordeal
Bitcoin crashing? App aims to flag crypto price dives before they happen
Bitcoin dips below $11,000 after setting another record high
Border Patrol Agents Say They’re Getting Sick from Massive Tijuana Sewage Spill
Briljante speech in het lagerhuis van Canada
Britse regering financiert Syrische terroristen
Broodje Politiek: Saoedi-Arabië in de Spotlights | Paul Aarts
Cambodia Keeps Perverting Its Own History For Cash
China defends cryptocurrency crackdown as fight against capital flight
China investeert miljarden in economie Iran
Clinton Aides Went Unpunished After Making False Statements To Anti-Trump FBI Supervisor
CNN’s Acosta: ‘When Journalists Attacked, They Must Resist’
Coming soon: GMO wine experts have discovered the gene in yeast DNA that alters flavor
Compelling New Study Forces Mainstream Media to Report On Link Between Vaccines and Autism
Conventional agriculture strikes again: Analysis finds that fungicides are causing the decline in endangered bumblebee populations
Cops Beat Man — Until He Defecates Himself — For Paying $10 Fine In Pennies [Video]
Customs And Border Protection Seeks Biometric ID For All Major U.S. Airports Within 4 Years
CVS Health to acquire Aetna for $69 billion in year’s largest acquisition
Cyclus zon op dieptepunt
De Deep state storm
De giftige geheimen van Waalre (Aalst)
De grote media drijven op hypes, niet op feiten
De Marihuana-gotspe: nepwiet goedkeuren..!
De onderdanige overgave van Ierland aan de EU
De opinie brief over orgaandonaties die gecensureerd werd door een huisartsenblad
De verborgen geschiedenis van de aarde..
De voorspelling van de zwarte slang (pijpleiding Keystone)
Debat over zwerfafval en statiegeld op plastic flesjes en blikjes
Defining Ambedkar: Icon or Ideal?
Dershowitz: No Case For ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Against Trump
Dismissed FBI Agent Is One Who Changed Hillary Email Scandal Language From „Grossly Negligent” To „Extremely Careless”
Does the Push for Mass Vaccination Point Toward a Staged Bioterror Event?
Dotcomradio nr 81
Drie vrouwen zeggen te kunnen bewijzen dat er een hiernamaals is. Dit is wat ze hebben meegemaakt
Drudge Scorches Mueller Probe: ‘What Is Punishment When FBI Lies To Us?’
Duitse inlichtingendiensten waarschuwen: Meer dan 6 miljoen migranten onderweg naar Europa
Duitse regering wil geheime toegang tot ieders PC, tablet, smartphone en TV
Dutch newspaper urges public to sell bitcoin
Electoral Coup Attempt in Honduras
Elon Musk Raising $1 Million For His Boring Company Selling Hats
Europe’s Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to Come
EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Shoots Unarmed Man in the Face With a Shotgun, All 7 Dashcams ‘Malfunction’
Facebook Wants You To Abuse Your Own Children
FBI Supervisor BOOTED from Mueller Probe INTERVIEWED Mike Flynn
Feds issue 4,000 orders to seize guns from people who failed background checks
Feminists' Demands For Censorship Backfire: Women Banned From Facebook For Attacking 'All Men'
Food quality found to impact risk of cancer regardless of weight: Choosing natural foods over processed foods keeps the nutrients-to-calories ratio properly balanced
Former Yemeni President Saleh has been killed
George Soros: „Dollar zal geen wereldreservemunt blijven”
Germany Offers Migrants $3,500 To Leave Voluntarily
Germany Offers Migrants $3,500, Housing, & Healthcare To Leave Voluntarily
Get that baby outside: New study finds exposure to high levels of vitamin D in early childhood reduces risk of diabetes
Gov’t Report Now Proves Cops Were Told to Stand Down in Charlottesville and They Covered It Up
Graham: ‘Time to Start Moving’ U.S. Military Families Out of South Korea
Handleiding om een oorlog uit te lokken. Groep verontruste Nederlandse burgers luidt de noodklok
Hannity: The GOP ‘Is a Dead Party’- Morally Corrupt, Weak, Ineffective, Vision-less with No Identity
Het einde van net neutraliteit is op komst, dit kan trager internet betekenen
Het laatste nieuws over Michael Flynn – We are change
Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 4 december 2017
Het probleem dat je niet kunt praten met mensen die niet wakker zijn
Hoe de deep state sociale media controleert
Hopes And Nightmares Over Crypto Currencies
Hospitals Join Lawsuit Against Opioid Makers They Claim ‘Aggressively Pushed’ Fatal Drugs
House Intel Chairman Draws Up Contempt Charges Against FBI After Stonewall
Houthi Rebels Take Over Yemen Capital After Killing Ex-President Saleh
How relapses from illness happen: Researchers discover that some bacteria hide until the immune system calms, then attack again
Huckabee: Mueller’s Russia investigation Is „Entrapment”
Huis van Europa propaganda betaald door de belastingbetaler
Humor – Het beste van Toren C – Sint nadoen
Hypocrisy: NYT Runs 3 Pieces In One Day Calling Trump A Bigot
In Major Victory For Trump, Supreme Court Lets Travel Ban Take Full Effect
Ingraham: Dems Want Illegal Immigration To ‘Replace White Conservatives’
Intel: President Trump’s Legal Team Is Preparing For Imminent ‘Obstruction Of Justice’ Charge
Interview with Dr. Craig Wright About The Future of Bitcoin
Inwoners Russische stad in de ban van oplichtend object
Irish parliament to debate bill proposing jail time for spreading fake news
Is Fascism Right Or Left?
Israel Launches Air Strikes On Syrian Military Facility Near Damascus
Israel valt Iraanse basis aan in Syrië, dit kan oorlog veroorzaken
Ja, chemtrails zijn echt en nee, dit is geen complot. Ex-KLM-piloot doet een boekje open
Japan Urged to Scrap Law Forcing Transgender People to be Sterilised Before They Can Transition
Joy Behar of „The View” is an enabler of FAKE NEWS after defending network colleague’s bogus „Russia collusion” hoax about Michael Flynn
Judge Hands Back $92,000 Taken From Musician By Cops For Failing To Buckle His Seatbelt
Klimaatverandering veroorzaakt door de mensheid?
Koning Gorilla’s vadermoord
Living in Cars, Working for Amazon: Meet America’s New Nomads
Lupus and mental health: New study discovers the disease doubles the risk of dementia, regardless of age
Maak kennis met de arts die buitenaardse implantaten verwijderde uit het lichaam van ontvoerden
Maduro Unveils "The Petro": Venezuela's Official Cryptocurrency To "Overcome Financial Blockade"
Malta says 10 arrested in investigative journalist’s bombing murder
Manhunt in NYC after car rams into people, several reported killed & injured (VIDEO)
Mattis: ‘Enemy Is Collapsing’ Faster Than Media Predicted
McAfee, BitCoin, Dark Web: Freedom Can’t Be Stopped
Media Refuses to Report on Proven Trump Collusion—Because It’s Not With Russia
Mensbeleving in de Natuur met Martijn van Staveren | Zandvoort
Mexican Convicted of Sexual Assault was Deported 20 Times
Michael Flynn loog tegen FBI maar ontmoette Russen pas na de verkiezing Trump
Michael Moore is Furious That Trump is Getting Things Done
MSNBC Guest: Republican Tax Cut Bill ‘Akin To Rape’
Mueller Subpoenas Trump Deutsche Bank Records
My Visit To Syria: Silence Is Not An Option
Netanyahu Ditches US Jews For Alliance With Christian Evangelicals And The Alt-right
New claims that Saudi Arabia aided Sept. 11 terrorists
New York Times Glorifies Antifa Terrorists
NFL Player To Fans: If You Don’t Like My Kneeling, Don’t Come To Game
Norway: Syrian migrant punches woman in the face 12 times after stealing cellphone
NSA Secretly Helped Convict Defendants in U.S. Courts, Classified Documents Reveal
NSA, DOJ Still Aren't Letting Defendants Know They're Using Section 702 Evidence Against Them
Odinga advisor arrested on suspicion of inciting violence, Kenya police say
Paris: Police Pepper-Spray Hostile Mob Rioting Over Death Of Black Man
Planned Parenthood Funds Plan B Vending Machine at University
Plant cure for opioid addiction taking heat from the FDA: Claims of danger most likely linked to its impact on Big Pharma's bottom line
Police: Man angry about parking stabbed 2, mowed down others
Poll: 70% of Alabama Republicans Say Moore Allegations Fake News
Pompeo: ‘Assange Shouldn’t Be Confident Of Protecting WikiLeaks Sources’
Pro-Doug Jones Super PAC Intimidating Voters: ‘Your Vote Is Public Record’
Professor labelled ‘white supremacist’ for making ‘a case for colonialism’
Program yourself: Eating an apple before shopping for groceries leads to far healthier food purchases
Protests Planned Across USA As Vote On FCC’s ‘Catastrophic’ Plan To Kill Net Neutrality Looms
Putin and Musk may be right: Industry experts say it is theoretically impossible to make sure AI won’t harm humans
Raken we onze empathische gevoelens kwijt?
Red Cross Demands Branches Remove Crucifixes to Be More Secular
Red Cross Demands Branches Remove Crucifixes to Be More Secular
Report: Pentagon Evaluating US West Coast Missile Defense Sites
Report: VA Hired Doctors With Malpractice Claims, Felony Convictions Against Them
Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias
Retire from work, not exercise: New study confirms any and all physical activity in elderly helps reduce cardiovascular risk
Ron Paul: Good News! Young Americans Want A New Political Party
Rs Six per Unit of Electricity Being Sent Abroad
Rusland en China werken aan Euraziatische hogesnelheidslijn
Russische inmenging, van obsessie tot paranoia
Sámen een, dan staan we héél veel sterker!
School is synoniem voor hersenspoeling en propaganda. Journalist laat zien hoe erg het is
SCOTUS Left & Right Attack Surveillance State
Severe Flu Alert: Young Mother Dies Of Flu, Vaccine Only 10% Effective
Shock Video: Police Shoot Dog, Force Owner to Cut Off Its Head
Smartphone-verslaving leidt tot disbalans in de hersenen, suggereert onderzoek
Soros Army in Alabama to Register Convicted Felons to Vote Against Roy Moore
Steinle Defense Attorney Romanticized Illegal Immigrant Felon In Blog Posts
Sterke piek in het aardmagnetisch veld
Supreme Court Gives Thumbs Up To Trump's Travel Ban
Sweden: Migrant Who Participated in 20-Man Gang Rape of Woman Tells Police it Was „Fun”
Swedish Government To Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin Of Criminal Suspects
Technologische ontwikkelingen veranderen de economie in razend tempo
Ted Hayes: Whites Must Understand Their Value
Texas university student pens "white death" article urging genocide of all whites to achieve "liberation for all"
The Coming Travails — Big Time Ones!
The DOJ has been investigating the FBI for 11 months
The Gary Null Show – 12.04.17
The Law School Boom and Bust
The Left Sets Honduras on Fire
The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Deserve Our Respect Or Trust
The Real Reason NFL Stands Are Empty
The Tech Company Solving A Trillion Dollar Problem
The US and the Global Artificial Intelligence Arms Race
Theresa May ‘hanging by a thread’ as City firm warns of ‘nightmare’ Corbyn government
Those with a high cardiovascular risk profile should eat dark chocolate with olive oil, new study finds
Toine Manders Verhoor Tweede Kamer Panama Papers
Trump Tax Plan Meets Fake News
Trump To Stop Globalist Plan To Flood America with Illegals
Trump touts tax vote: ‘This could be a big day for the Stock Market – and YOU!’
Trump: FBI’s Reputation ‘Worst In History’ After Comey, Strzok
Trump: Flynn Treated Unfairly
U.A.E. Denies Yemen Rebels Fired Missile at Abu Dhabi Nuclear Plant
U.S. Moves To Criminalize Anonymous Cryptocurrency Ownership
UK Acid Attacks On The Rise
UK agrees to ‘regulatory alignment’ on both sides of Irish border
US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies
US Orders ‘Largest-Ever’ Military Drill To Simulate War With NKorea
US Supreme Court Puts Trump Travel Ban Into Effect
US, South Korea launch large-scale air drills amid spiraling nuclear tension
VA hires providers with malpractice claims & criminal histories – media investigation
Vaccine Fever: Dengue Vax Dangerous, Ineffective
Venezuela Announces the „Petro” Digital Currency Backed by Gold, Oil and Diamonds
Venezuela Creating Digital Currency Amid Financing Crisis
Venezuela Launches the ‘Petro’: Oil & Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Fight US Financial Blockade
Veroordeelde milieucriminelen mogen zelfs meeschrijven aan nieuwe milieuwetgeving
Victim's Testimony Reveals Establishment-Connected East Coast Trafficking Network
Victory: Supreme Court Rules Trump Travel Ban to Go Into Full Effect
VIDEO: Trump Says Merry Christmas And The Grinch-Like Left Freaks Out
Volgens Russische wetenschapper verandert de atmosfeer van planeten
Vrienden van Al Qaida in Europees Parlement. Kijk hoe bij sommigen de maskers afvallen
Watch Live: Teflon Don Weathers The Storm Of False MSM Allegations
WATCH: Innocent Man Swarmed by Cops, Detained, & Extorted for Sagging Pants
Wegmisbruikers – Achtervolging van gestolen auto in Rotterdam
Western Media Finally Wake Up to Libyan Slave Trade, but Completely Whitewash all Western Responsibility for its Emergence
Wetenschappers ontdekken dat planten een ‘brein’ hebben. Zie hier wat ze ermee kunnen
Why Do Leftist Soy Boys Want To Start Fights With People Who Would Kick Their Ass?
Yemen Houthis Say They Fired Missile at U.A.E. Nuclear Plant
Zonlicht drupt door wolken en vreemde boog van gestippeld licht vastgelegd boven de Missouri, VS (Foto's)
Zwartboek over orgaandonatie

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