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Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 29 november 2017

Forbiddensource brengt je iedere dag de laatste nieuwtjes gepubliceerd in de alternatieve
media in zowel Nederland als de rest van de wereld. Veel nieuws op het gebied van
geopolitiek, milieu, gezondheid, klimaat, militaire industriele complex, kosmos en meer.

Het nieuws van vandaag

‘If the law allows this, we need to change the law’
‘Reforming’ the Church of Sweden
‘Thank Trump Card Campaign’ Shows Gratitude One Year Into Presidency
‘Who are the traffickers? They are Africans’: Macron loses his cool at Burkina Faso Q&A (VIDEOS)
„It’s OK to Be German” Flyers Appear in Cities Across Germany
2030: I Own Nothing, No Privacy…Life Is Better?
99% verkeersboetes onterecht
Abominations Abroad And Our Addictions: Advice for Parents and Teachers
Als er een grote ramp aanstaande is krijgen veel mensen voorspellende dromen en visioenen. Hoe is dit te verklaren?
Amazon Is Moving Towards Automation As Human Workers Become Insufficient
Anatomy Of A Smear: How The Swamp Tars & Feathers
Antifa group protests Trump administration as counter protesters wave Confederate flag at Austin City Hall
Attorney General Lynch Must Resign
Australia developing wearable "medical black box" for soldiers that records their biometrics while broadcasting an emergency beacon signal
Axed Professor who Called Sandy Hook a Hoax to Argue Free Speech Rights Were Violated
Barbara Lamb over vorige, toekomstige en parallelle levens
Bezwaar Anja Hazekamp tegen de vijfjarige verlenging van glyfosaat in de EU
Big Pharma profits: Thanks to new AHA guidelines, now HALF of all Americans have high blood pressure
Bitcoin ,‘de singulariteit’ en samensmelting met AI
Bitcoin mining now consuming more electricity than 159 countries including Ireland and most of the countries in Africa
Blootstelling aan glyfosaat (onkruidbestrijder) 500% gestegen in 23 jaar
Blowback: CNN Pushes Plan To "Ban The Term 'Fake News'"
Borneo: Island Devastated, People Oblivious
Branagh, Poirot And Murder on the Orient Express
Breaking: North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile
BUCHANAN: Why Roy Moore Matters
Capitalism and the Misunderstanding of Monopoly
China to deploy troops to fight alongside Assad in Syria
Confusion or deception? Report shows thousands more US troops abroad than Pentagon claims
Congress poised to jam through reauthorization of mass surveillance
Conyers’ Former Top Staffer Accuses Congressman of Inappropriate Touching
Cop’s Son Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man in Broad Daylight, On Video—Police Let Him Go
Corruptie bij de Ierse overheid
David Icke over the flat earth theorie
De alternatieve tijdlijn brengt je iedere dag het laatste nieuws
Disturbing Video of Humans Being Sold Proves US Foreign Policy Has Made Slavery Mainstream Again
Does The Israeli-Saudi Alliance Plans A War Against Iran?
Dogs found to be more attracted to SMILING human faces
Don't let annoying people get you down: Learn about the 4 types of jerks, and 3 tactics to avoid them
ECB pleit voor marktplaats slechte leningen
Environmentalists Are Earth’s Antibodies
Eric Holder’s Top 10 Rule-of-Law Violations
Ex-Secret Service-agent dreigt informatie te lekken over Bill Clinton en Lolita Express. Dit is wat je moet weten
Facebook Announces It Will Use A.I. To Scan Your Thoughts „To Enhance User Safety”
Fake News CNN Boycotts White House Christmas Bash
Fed Nominee Jerome Powell: No More Banks ‘Too Big To Fail’
Feds Spend Over $13M on Grants For Diverse Nurses
Fights break out at ‘It’s OK To Be White’ event on UConn campus
Five Reasons to do Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. based on Settled Cases for Injuries
Flynn Used White House Position To Lobby For Mid-East Nuclear Reactors: WSJ
Food scientists blame newly discovered "taste" for carbohydrate cravings on taste buds – implying we are victims of our physiology
For 70 Years, the New York Times Has Heralded Saudi Leaders As „Reformers”
Geld witwassen in de EU
George Orwell Predicted Cameras Would Watch Us in Our Homes; He Never Imagined We’d Gladly Buy and Install Them Ourselves
Get Government Out To Make Internet Free
Globalist Funded „Watchdog” Tries To Shut Down Independent Press Event Discussing White Helmets
Government Regulation Of Social Media Would Be A „Cure” Far Worse Than The Disease
Grijalva’s Secret Deal With Ex-Staffer Exposes Another Capitol Hill ‘Hush Fund’
Half Black Meghan Markle Marrying Into British Royal Family Seen As Victory By Liberals
Harvey Weinstein Now Faces Sex-Trafficking Charges
Hawaii Police Order People With Medical Pot To Surrender Guns To The State
'Healthy' energy drinks cause kidney damage and hypertension
Het nieuws in de alternatieve media
Het ontwikkelen van een darmflora met ‘goede’ bacteriën kan helpen om de ziekte van Crohn te behandelen
Het Westen verlaten voor de ineenstorting – Morris
Hillary Clinton Ignores Democrats Caught In Sexual Harassment Scandals
Hoe eerst ‘rechts’ en toen ook ‘links’ me kwijtraakten..
Hoe grote bedrijven het internet zoals wij kennen kapot kunnen maken
Hoe Youtube kritische geluiden financieel smoort
How meditation works: It synchronizes key regions in the brain, improving cognitive functions
How Much Does a Tax Cut Cost?
Huge iceberg breaks off southern Chile glacier (PHOTOS)
I Visited East Aleppo – There Is No Doubt Nusra And White Helmets Are The Same Organization
Insanity: Drexel University launches medical fellowship for transgender surgery training despite extreme dangers to patients
Iranian Warships Heading To Gulf Of Mexico?
Iraqi Senior Leader: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Is Alive and in US Hands!
Ireland’s Top University Bans the Term „Freshman” Because It’s Politically Incorrect
Is addiction a risk of going to the hospital? New model of care suggests offering hospital patients addiction services, regardless of why they are there to "close the gap in treatment"
Is Mainstream Media Becoming A Threa To Democracy ?
Kaspersky CEO ‘would leave if Russia asked him to spy’
Krijgen we een ruimte oorlog?
'Kurds are pawns in US strategic games'
Levende bacteriën uit de ruimte gevonden op ISS. Is buitenaards leven nu dan echt ontdekt?
Linkse mileugekkie schreeuwt vanaf publieke tribune in de Tweede Kamer
Machtsmisbruik in de politiek en de oplossing
MakeApp Founder: ‘Media Tried to Trample Us But Only Helped Us Reach Out to 1M Users & Make Money’
Massive cover-up of anal cancer by the mainstream media in order to protect the LGBT narrative that denies medical reality
Matt Dubiel: Chemtrails Over Chicago
Mayor of German City Stabbed In Neck After Taking In More ‘Refugees’ Than Quota
Media Meltdown Over Trump ‘Pocahontas’ Joke to Navajo Code Talkers
Migrantencrisis: In grote Zweedse steden wil brandweer niet meer blussen
Migrantencrisis: In Zweedse steden wil brandweer niet meer blussen
Monsanto has gone to great lengths to keep documents secret during litigation; judge threatened sanctions
Morris over de slavenhandel in Libië
Moscow scrambles fighter jet after detecting US spy plane approaching Russian border
N. Korea May Be Preparing Missile Test Ahead of Joint Drills: Reports
NASA’s Alien Planet Hunters Rethink Habitability
National Gun-Carry Reciprocity Bill Moves to Mark Up in the House
Nederlander sinds 2012 in Donbass kraakt Nederlandse Journalistiek
Net Neutrality: Government Can’t Know the „Correct” Price for Internet Service
New Disney Book Targets Babies For Sexualization And Gender Confusion
New fears of World War III as North Korea tests ICBM that can „hit anywhere in the world” — regime will field nukes by next year
Nieuwe studie laat verband zien tussen aluminium en autisme
Nog steeds geen Vlaamse rechtbank in Halle-Vilvoorde
North Korea Launches Missile Capable Of Threatening The World
North Korea Test-Fires Highest Missile Yet After Two-Month Hiatus
Obama Advisor: Our Voters Who Flipped For Trump ‘Too Painful To Think About’
Obamacare’s Revenge: The IRS Will Not Process Your Tax Return Unless You Tell Them Whether You Have Health Insurance Or Not
Pai Has Votes Needed to Repeal Obama-era „Net Neutrality” Rules
Paradigm Shift: State Courts Rule Police Raids Over Weed Were Illegal and Uncalled For
Pentagon Caught Blocking Report on Child Sex Abuse by US Allies as Troops Forced Not to Report It
Pentagon Insider Exposes Trump Victory Over Islamic Terrorists
Phony Saudi War on Terror
Plight of Kashmiri Prisoners
Pocahontas Descendant Defends POTUS: ‘She Would Be Very Proud Of Trump’
Pocahontas Descendant: Trump's Warren Nickname 'Doesn't Offend Me'
Polls: Roy Moore +6 And +5 Over Liberal Democrat Opponent Doug Jones
Popocatepetl Violently Erupts, And Authorities Warn A Bigger Eruption Could Threaten More Than 20 Million People In Mexico City
Prepare for sudden, radical transformation at every level of society... "You may not recognize tomorrow"
Prepper alert: U.S. authorities warning of new terrorism threat to RAIL system after Al Qaeda provides „how-to” instructions on train derailment
Prof Insists ‘White Racism’ Class ‘Not Anti-White’
Professor of Philosophy Dr. Stephen Hicks Explains Postmodernism
Questions Linger Over US Role in Fighting Terrorism in Sahel
Read the Paradise Papers documents
Revealed: Toxic Mechanism of Vaccine Aluminum
Rise of the Terminators: Killer robots with facial recognition now pose dire threat to humanity
Russia Launches Investigation into Whether Nicholas II and Family Were Killed as part of Jewish Ritual Murder
Russia to launch ‘independent internet’ for BRICS nations – report
Russian Jet ‘Buzzes’ U.S. Spy Plane Over Black Sea, Says Pentagon
Russians find extra-terrestrial hitchhikers on space station
Saudi Prince Freed After Paying $1 Billion Settlement
Schoollopen is geen ponykamp
Scientists Call For Ban On Glitter, Say It’s A Global Hazard
Scientists discover that your brain's perception is "strobed" not constant... you do not perceive actual reality in a continuous flow
Scientists identify "superaccumulator" plants that mop up heavy metals like crazy
Sex Victims Demand Franken, Conyers Resign
Shell ‘motivated’ Nigerian Army in deadly crackdown on local tribes opposing extraction – Amnesty
Soros wil Merkel aan de macht houden
South Korean official: North Korea developing nuclear weapons faster than expected
Suffolk County DA Used $3.3 Million In Asset Forfeitures To Fund Massive Public Employee "Bonuses"
Super-high Levels of Toxic Aluminum Found in Brains of Autistic Patients
Supreme Court to Debate Warrantless Collection Of Cellphone Records in Huge Fourth Amendment Battle
The Forgotten Great American Male: Who’s Your Daddy?
The Gary Null Show – 11.28.17
The Oil Information Cartel is (Finally) Broken
The U.S. Aristocracy’s Smear-Russia Campaign: Big Brother at Work
The US Coast Guard is operating floating prisons in the Pacific Ocean, outside US legal protections
Thirty years of fear mongering, and global warming still hasn't destroyed the planet
Travel Horror Results in Multi-Million Dollar Award For Family Nearly Killed by Banned Pesticide
Trilateral Commission
Trump Holds Press Conference with Empty Chairs Meant for Pelosi, Schumer
Trump To Permit Citizens To Buy Army Surplus Pistols For Cheap
Trump: ‘I Don’t See A Deal’ With Dem Leadership On Govt Funding Bill
Turkse universiteit bereidt studenten voor op buitenaards contact. Deze docent opent de doofpot
U.S. Indicts Three Chinese Hackers Linked to Security Firm
UAE Calls for Bombing Al Jazeera
Upcycling idea: How to make a DIY chicken coop from a swingset
US Gov’t Caught Operating Floating Black Site Prisons, Torturing People in Int’l Waters—Outside US Law
VIDEO: Former Watchdog For US Intelligence Community Under Obama Tells All
VIDEO: Modern Art is Worse Than Ever
VVD en D66 waren tegen geld voor extra evenementen voor gehandicapte sporters
VVD wil geld blijven pompen in staatsomroep die kijkers verliest
WATCH: Cop Tries To Taser Man for Refusing to Give ID, Tasers Fellow Cop Instead
Watch: Official 2017 Fake News Awards
Watchdog: Defense Department Remains Vulnerable to Insider Threats
Wells Fargo overcharged hundreds of customers in pursuit of bonuses: report
When Civil Liberties are Violated by Government
When the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission Exposed its own Secret
World’s First ‘Smart Condom’ Collects Intimate Data During Sex
YouTube Censors Conservatives Yet Allows Child Sex Searches to Autocomplete
Yuge Difference Spotted Between Trump & Obama Christmas Cards
Zijn de Bitcoin en ‘Big Data’ het nieuwe goud?

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