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11 oktober 2017

"Russia Interfered!" - By Purchasing Anti-Trump Ads?
‘Champagne stayed in the fridge’: European independence movements react to Catalan ‘anticlimax’
‘Christian duty to fight Satan’s Soros plan to bring migrants into Europe’ – Hungarian MP
‘Have to compare IQ tests’: Trump ups ante in Tillerson ‘moron’ row
‘Holy Grail of art rediscoveries’: Da Vinci masterpiece expected to fetch $100mn at auction
‘I talk sh*t because I can’: Man hit with soup for explosive racist rant on New York subway (VIDEO)
‘Ongetrouwde mannen zijn een gevaar voor de maatschappij’
‘Sword of Damocles’: French, Belgian power plants vulnerable to attacks – Greenpeace
‘Thought-police scientists shutting down factual climate change debate’ – Ex-Aussie PM
‘Trump Far Worse Than Weinstein’ Says Hollywood Director Reiner
‘We’re not a tribal state’: Turkey slams US visa suspension, vows retaliation
„US Coalition Out of Syria Now!” Syria Solidarity Movement Statement
„You’re Kicked Out!”: Child Expelled for Sitting During the Pledge — Lawsuit
10 Dead, 100 Reported Missing as Fires Ravage California Wine Country
17 dead as wildfires rage in Northern California
2 US B-1B strategic bombers conduct firing drills with South Korea & Japan
20 sleeper terrorist cells eliminated in N. Caucasus in 2017 - Russia’s NAC
5 Days Later, Obamas Say They're 'Disgusted' By Harvey Weinstein Allegations
5,500-ton Crimea bridge motorway arch sails off for complex installation operation (VIDEO)
52 Years After Fascist Genocide, Indonesians Scared of „Communist Ghosts”
6.3-magnitude earthquake hits northern Chile - USGS
Aanhouding Michael P. inzake Anne Faber is verdacht en veel te laat
Actor Fired For Being a Conservative
After GOP liars failed to repeal Obamacare, Trump will gut the law with executive orders
After mocking weather control theories, mainstream media now admits weather systems can be directly controlled using lasers
Agent & wife of legendary Russian baritone Hvorostovsky deny media reports of his death
Another Major Disaster Hits The U.S. – A Massive ‘Firestorm’ Is Burning Tens Of Thousands Of Acres In Northern California
Apocalyptic inferno cloaks Disneyland in spooky haze as California fire rages (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Are Scotland and Catalonia’s independence struggles symptoms of EU oppression?
Arpaio Pardon Sets Ground for Trump to Pardon Flynn
As Democrats denounce Weinstein, Clintons and Obama stay mum
As Sex Abuse Rocks Tinseltown, Kim Dotcom Reveals Plan to Take Down Elite Hollywood Pedophiles
As We Predicted: Trump to Sign Rand Paul Healthcare Plan
Astma medicijnen hebben wellicht psychiatrische bijwerkingen
Bannon Stares Down The Swamp & Tells Corker To Resign
Bannon: Entire ‘Globalist’ Republican Clique on Capitol Hill Must Go
Beelden van vlak na Roswell-crash opgedoken. Wordt hier een alien weggedragen?
Beijing urges all sides to avoid provocations after US bombers flew over Korean Peninsula
Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Blasts Hillary’s Response to Weinstein Scandal
Black Conservative: The Democrats Have Black People Mentally Enslaved
Blazing vehicle threatens to engulf gas station in stomach-churning video
Break-in at Las Vegas shooter’s home in Reno confounds police
BREAKING: Cover Up Collapses, Police Admit Official Vegas Story Not True
Breaking: NYT Anti-Trump Bias Exposed in Project Veritas Sting Video
Brexit means... NAFTA? UK could leave EU trade alliance & join North American one instead
BRICS represents united free trade front as others abandon it – Russian economy minister
BUCHANAN: Trump Embraces the Culture War
California governor signs measure decriminalizing transmission of the HIV virus
Can The Quality Of Medical Marijuana Be Guaranteed
Catalans ‘a bit disappointed’ by another delay after ‘300 years’ of waiting for independence (VIDEO)
Catalonia signs ‘declaration of independence,’ temporarily suspends it for dialogue with Madrid
Catalonia to defy Spain | Declare independence next week
CIA voorspelde Europese burgeroorlog
CNN to continue broadcasting in Russia as watchdog drops claims - reports
Creepy: Weinstein Caught On Tape Admitting To Groping Model
Cyril Smith abused kids for ‘perverted amusement’ & MI5 may have covered it up, inquiry told
Daily Show Creator Slams Obama And Clinton For Silence On Weinstein
De draadloze kooi | Ziek van elektrosmog
Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT hacker, Imran Awan, wiped cell phone clean hours before arrest
Declining Saffron Influence In Social Media
Despite Syrian Government’s Attempts to Unify Country US-backed Kurdish SDF Persist with Land Theft
Detroit mother thrown in jail for refusing to vaccinate son while court orders father to get the boy "caught up" on shots
Diamonds could become ‘the new gold’ offering safe haven for investors
Did the Indians Understand the Concept of Private Property?
Dieet, naast alcoholgebruik, kan een belangrijke rol spelen bij leverproblemen
Disability Rights Activist Malini Chib Gets Award
Dodelijk gif in honing van over de hele wereld. Wetenschappers komen tot deze onthutsende conclusie
Donna Karan defends Weinstein, suggests women ‘asking for it’
Dragged Kicking & Screaming, Clinton Finally Condemns Weinstein
Dramatic Chinese bus crash caught on CCTV (VIDEO)
Duitse inlichtingendiensten: Iran gaat door met nucleaire- en rakettechnologie
ECB verdiende €7,8 miljard aan Griekse obligaties
Eminem rips into Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards (VIDEO)
Erdogan struggles to stay awake during press conference with Ukraine’s Poroshenko (VIDEO)
EU aims to reopen embassy in Libya ‘if security situation improves’
Ex-Yukos shareholders give up fight for Russian assets in France
F-35: Can anything else go wrong with Britain’s fighter jet order?
Farage Calls Out UK PM: ‘Time For Appeasing EU Is Over’
Finding Our Way Back To Truth by Following A String of Facts
Fire crews fighting deadly California blazes welcome cool fog
Forensic Acoustic Proof of SECOND Shooter in the Las Vegas Massacre
Forensische analyse ‘bevestigt’ bestaan tweede schutter Las Vegas. Bekijk ‘m hier
Forget Catalonia – Yorkshire wants independence! UK Parliament to debate new devolution
Fukushima victims win $1000 compensation each in Japanese court
Gemeente Amsterdam helpt toeristenindustrie
Giant Atlantic wind farms could power entire world – study
Glitterbug Megachurches Are Satanic Command Bases
Global port ban slapped on ships violating N. Korea sanctions - UN
Going after Kaspersky undermines global cybersecurity - Interpol official
Google Sponsors Event Honoring President of Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider
'Google to buy Apple': Dow Jones newswires apologize for bizarre fake news
Govt SUES Local Activist For Requesting Info On Surveillance
Great divide between White Britons & ethnic minorities laid bare in nationwide audit
Greek police cite rise in refugee, migrant arrivals in September
Guccifer 2.0 Not a Russian Hacker
Half of the universe’s missing matter pinpointed by scientists
Harvey Weinstein revelations prove Hollywood is a left-wing cesspool of perverts, pedophiles and rapists
Hell on Earth: Devastating Photos Reveal California Wildfire Destruction
Hillary Clinton Announces Support of Anthem Protests
Hosting Syrian refugees cost Jordan $10bn - ministry
House-sized asteroid will just barely miss striking Earth
Hungarian PM: ‘Christian Duty’ To Fight ‘Satan’s Soros Plan To Bring Migrants Into Europe’
Hungary to ask EU to review Ukraine ties over minority languages law
Interrogating Our Public Health Care System
Iran & Turkey agree to use national currencies in trade to cut dependence on euro and dollar
Iran en Turkije willen in eigen valuta handelen
Iran nuclear deal will stand even if US pulls out – Austria’s UN envoy
Iran: ‘All options are on table’ if US blacklists Revolutionary Guards
Iran’s nuclear chief warns US against ‘undermining nuclear deal’
Iraqi PM says ISIS will be ‘completely defeated’ in country this year
Is de overheid de oplossing voor alles?
Is having sex with a robot CHEATING on your spouse? 40% say no
Israel to advance plans for nearly 4,000 settler homes in West Bank - official
Jim Carrey gives epic interview New York Fashion Week 2017
Judge Gives Child Rapist Joint Custody Of Resulting Child
Kremlin Issues Stern Warning to Washington Over US Help for Terrorists in Syria
Lactatiehormoon helpt ook hersenen van moeder
Largest Pedophile Site in the World Discovered to Be Secretly Run by Police—for an Entire Year
Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal
Latest Press Conference From LVPD On Vegas Shooting
Laura Ingraham: GOP Will Pay ‘Severe Political Price’ If Trump Wall Not Built
Let’s check: Mensa offers IQ test for Trump and Tillerson
Liberal Show Host Calls For NFL Boycott
Linking Of Aadhaar To Heartbeat: A Positive Step
LITMUS TEST? Slavery Practiced By Indigenous People As Well
Lung deaths and smoking diseases spike among impoverished populations
Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Be The Psychopath God Of The Matrix
Matt Damon called ‘spineless profiteer who stays silent’ by Harvey Weinstein victim Rose McGowan
Meest mysterieuze ster in de Melkweg blijft verbazen. Hoe kan dit worden verklaard?
Millions of French workers go on strike against Macron labor reforms
Monsanto continues to look for a way around California's labeling of glyphosate as a probable carcinogen ... but there is NO "safe level" of exposure
Mother fired by convenience store for defending her life against a violent attacker ... Self-defense can now leave you unemployed
Mutinous Tory shocked at ‘abuse’ from his own party after failing to topple Theresa May
Mysterious spike in radioactive particles across Europe baffles scientists
N. Korea hackers ‘may have stolen’ S. Korea-US military plans - MP
N. Korea needs up to 5yrs to be capable of hitting US cities – retired Russian general
NATO „Concerned by Russia’s Military Buildup Close to Our Borders”
NATO Launches New Black Sea Force to Target Russia
Navalny ally briefly detained over refusal to delete slander from internet
New FBI Crime Stats Show ‘White Privilege’ Might Not Be America’s Biggest Problem
NFL Owners May Require Players to Stand For National Anthem
NFL Owners To Consider Rule Change That Would Require Players To Stand For National Anthem: Report
No problem in Turkey acquiring Russian S-400 defense systems, NATO chief says
North Korea Suspected of Hacking U.S.-South Korea War Plans
North Korean hackers ‘stole US-South Korea war plans’
NOT The Onion: FBI Multi-State Search For 2 Piglets
Now that Left-wing mega-producer Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a serial sexual cretin, will dear friends the Obamas and Clintons call him out?
NYT video editor caught bragging about slanting Trump coverage (VIDEO)
Obama ‘Mocked Britain In Secret, Thought Special Relationship Was a Joke’
OPEC urges American shale producers to join production cuts
Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy: Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies
Ousted Brazilian President: US Intervention in Venezuela Could Spark „Civil War”
'Playing along': Crimean official dismisses Turkey’s statement in support of Ukraine
PM Yildirim says Turkey-US visa dispute must be fixed ‘immediately’
Politicians ‘spawned fallacies’ about war to justify military austerity – British Army chief
Puerto Rican Infowarrior Destroys MSM Narrative
Putin: Cryptocurrencies bear serious risks, including financing of terrorism
Radicalized French prisoners suspected of plotting attacks days before release
Real, or a croc? Dog walker films ‘crocodile in River Thames’ (VIDEO)
Report: CA Wildfires Threaten Thousands Of Homes Worth Tens Of Billions
Russia Accuses U.S. of Pretending to Fight Islamic State in Syria, Iraq
Russia could ‘compensate’ Ukraine for Crimea with money or oil – Czech president
Russian central bank wants to block bitcoin exchange websites
Russian planes launch over 180 strikes in 24 hours against Syria terrorists in Deir ez-Zor
Russian-inspired motorbike drone fights Dubai street crime from the skies
Sarah Silverman’s New Comedy Song On ‘White Privilege’ Tanks
Sarah Silverman's New 'Comedy Song' On White Privilege Crashes And Burns
Science journal "Whiteness and Education" turns out to be politicized junk science with fake peer reviews
Scientific group says fingerprint evidence in crimes is practically worthless
Scientists to explore 120,000yo ecosystem uncovered after trillion-ton iceberg break (PHOTOS)
Second Mom in a Week Faces Possibility of Jail for Refusing to Vaccinate Her Child
Secrets Of The Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal They Don’t Want You To Know
See The Marsha Blackburn Video Banned By Twitter Causing The Streisand Effect
Shock Audio: Harvey Weinstein Admits to Assaulting Italian Model Ambra Gutierrez
Six signs of zinc deficiency: Are YOU getting enough?
Smart Devices Are Snitching on Owners and Rewriting the Criminal Justice System
Social media companies don’t need government ‘Ministry of Truth’ fact-checkers – analysts
Spanish economy minister says 'it's very clear' Catalan independence not going to happen
Sputnik and Russia Today Under Investigation by US Department of Justice (DOJ)
Stephen Paddock intentionally avoided sunlight, was vitamin D deficient, popped mind-altering pills and was addicted to video gambling
Stockholm summons Turkey ambassador after Swedish citizen charged with other rights activists
Stroller wiped out by freight train after rolling away from mother (VIDEO)
Students sue Israeli airlines for ethnic profiling, strip searching & alleged sexual assault
Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Trump travel ban
Syria – Turkey Violates Astana Agreement – Renews Alliance with Al-Qaeda
Tablet Mag: Weinstein Perviness 'Specifically Jewy,' 'Playing Out His Revenge Fantasies On The Goyim'
Tear gas used in Paris as strike against Macron’s labor reforms grips France (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Telephone terrorism tally: 1mn+ evacuated in Russia over month as bomb scares continue
Terrorist recruiters set to get life sentences after Duma committee approves bill amendments
Terry Crews Claims Male High Level Hollywood Exec Groped Him
Thailand junta to hold elections in November 2018
The Balfour Declaration Destroyed Palestine, Not The Palestinian People
The Kremlin’s „US-Gate” Probe: Russia Gets Ready for US „Interference” in 2018 Presidential Election
The Man the World (Still) Needs
The Mystery of the Universe’s Missing ‘Normal’ Matter Has Begun to Unravel
The Psychology Of Mass Killers: What Causes It? How Can You Prevent It?
Time to Pay Attention: Police Begin Making Massive Reversals in Official Vegas Narrative
Torture victims held illegally in Britain’s immigration detention centers, judge rules
Trump "the calm before the storm" is related to the astrology calendar
Trump Calls for Tax Changes for NFL following National Anthem Protests
Trump: End Tax Breaks For Anti-American NFL
Trump’s deal-making ways undercut US continuity ‒ Forbes
Tucker: Christopher Columbus Is The Only Immigrant The Left Doesn’t Like
Turkey and Iran to conduct bilateral trade in national currencies
Turkey issues detention warrant for 2nd US consulate worker
Turkish president blames US envoy for diplomatic crisis
Tusk says EU not working on ‘no deal’ scenario for Brexit
Two Videos That Prove The FBI Is Lying About The Vegas Massacre
U.S. Mayor Assures Mexican Consul His „Sanctuary City” Will Provide Safe Spaces for Illegal Aliens
Undercover Vid: NYT Editor Brags About Being In Antifa And "Punching Nazis"
UPDATE: Bone broth product testing results being reworked and simplified; plus ORGANIC testing now underway
US destroyer challenges Beijing’s ‘excessive maritime claims’ in South China Sea – report
US Military Dropped 751 Bombs in Afghanistan in September
US Moving Closer And Closer To War With North Korea
US offers $12 mln bounty on two Hezbollah leaders, cites ‘homeland’ threat
US_Turkey Relations: Ankara Issues Arrest Warrant for 2nd US Consulate Worker
Utah police detective fired after forcible arrest of nurse caught on video
Utah Police Officer who Dragged Screaming Nurse is Fired
Vegas Cops Change Story: Security Guard Shot BEFORE Mass Shooting – Huge New Can of Worms
Vegas Cops Change Their Story: Paddock Shot Security Guard BEFORE Mass Shooting
Venezuela Wants Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Democracy
Video: ISIS-Daesh Repealed. Syrian Army Restores Control Over Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway
Volcano eruption raises threat level in southwestern Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
VS levert wapens aan terroristen van IS en al-Nusra. Deze topgeneraal windt er geen doekjes om
WaPo Publishes ‘White Genocide’ Professor
Warning nation’s defenses under threat as arms giant BAE Systems cuts thousands of jobs
Watch Live: Catalan's Puigdemont Address To Parliament Delayed 1 Hour After "Last Minute Meeting"
WATCH: Cop Accuses Innocent Man of Stealing, Smashes In His Face With a Baton
We must regulate hate speech, without forbidding unpopular speech – media analysts
Weinstein Recordings Show Hollywood, Corporate Media Love Sexual Predators—Until They’re Caught
White House Puts Ideology Over Science and Law in Repealing Clean Power Plan
Why broccoli is undeniably the most amazing vegetable for your health
Why Hollywood Lies About About Barry Seal And The Bushes
WikiLeaks Releases Moscow’s Surveillance Files
Your probiotics might not be enough unless you're also taking PREbiotics, expert warns
Zuckerberg apologises for „offensive” VR tour of flooded Puerto Rico


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