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12 september 2017

‘Fighting for food’: Evacuations and looting on Saint Martin following Irma devastation
‘Fire Did Not Bring It Down’: 2-Year Study Refutes Official WTC 7 Report, Supports Controlled Demo
‘King of slackers’: Fury after Macron brands labor reforms opponents ‘lazy’ ahead of mass protests
‘Leaked’ email alleges AfD co-chair called Merkel ‘pig & puppet,’ stirs pre-election scandal
‘Love and courage’: Canadian politician’s response to anti-Muslim tirade goes viral (VIDEO)
‘Must be resolved peacefully’: Putin, Merkel talk North Korea crisis ahead of UNSC sanctions vote
‘Sick people’: UK has worst life expectancy rate in Europe
‘Stay inside & lock doors’: Active shooter search closes schools in Kentucky
‘We lived in fear & horror’: Deir ez-Zor residents slowly return to normality after ISIS siege
‘Weapons for tyrants’: UK blasted for inviting human rights abusers to arms trade fair
‘You’re sh*t’: Ukrainian ultras strip own team of jerseys after crushing defeat (VIDEO)
„15 Years Later, On The Physics Of High-Rise Building Collapses” in the European Scientific Journal.
„Yes, Google Uses Its Power to Quash Ideas It Doesn’t Like – I Know Because It Happened To Me”
15 dead in hepatitis outbreak as San Diego starts street washing
15 Disturbing Facts About 9/11 You’ll Wish Weren’t True (VIDEO)
16 Years After 9/11 and US Govt Has Proven They „Hate Our Freedom” Just As Much as Terrorists
175 U.S. Patents Prove Geoengineering and Weather Control Technologies are Real … See List Here
1mn Catalans mark national day with massive pro-independence march in Barcelona (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
30k people are watching this fake #Irma livestream on Facebook (VIDEO)
6 people injured at Frankfurt Airport as suspected ‘irritant gas’ sprayed at check-in
8 dead in Livorno, Italy as storm dumps month’s worth of rainfall in just four hours (VIDEO)
9 arrested after 'antifa' activists clash with far-right protesters in Oregon & Washington (PHOTOS)
9/11 Children: Scientists Find Toxins In Their Baby Teeth
9/11: ’t Verhaal van dansende Israëli en Palestijnen..?
9/11: waarop de „strijd tegen de terreur” begon…
9-11 verdachte Rudy Giuliani
A Former Writer For ‘The Hindu’ On Gauri Lankesh And BJP’s ‘Propaganda Machinery’
A Tactical Error
Ahead of Ben Shapiro's Speech, UC Berkeley Offers Counseling Services to Students If They Feel 'Threatened'
Alaska University: Impossible That WTC Building 7 Collapsed By Small Fires As Claimed By NIST
Aluminum salts in deodorants caused CANCER, and Switzerland may be the first nation in the world to BAN them
'America cannot be intimidated': Trump at Pentagon on 9/11 anniversary
America’s Willful Negligence Concerning the 9/11 Attacks
Amerikanen redden IS-strijders in Syrië. Wist de CIA hier sporen van black ops uit?
Anarchy In the Caribbean: Escaped prisoners and hundreds of looters armed with guns and knives terrorise hurricane-hit islands as police from Britain and France are flown in to restore order
Ancient ‘hell ant’ with metal horns & trap jaw found inside amber (PHOTOS)
Antidepressiva gevonden in de hersenen vissen in omgeving grote merengebied VS
Apocalyptic September? Here Is A List Of 27 Major Disasters That Have Already Happened So Far This Month
Are Elite Controllers a fantasy? Read this
Are you washing your sheets often enough? Analysis shows most people don't
Astronomers Find Stars That Appear Older Than The Universe
Backtracked Promises: Canada sends asylum seekers back to war-torn countries
Banksy mural in Calais erased during building revamp (PHOTOS)
Bannon Backing Primary Challengers Against Establishment Republicans
Bannon Slams GOP Establishment, Bush Administration ‘Idiots’ On 60 Minutes
Bannon: The GOP Establishment Is Against Trump
Bannon: The Russia Investigation Is ‘A Waste Of Time’ [VIDEO]
Before the Hurricane: Cuba, Global Model for Risk Reduction
Best Buy stops selling Kaspersky software
Billionaires Explaining To You Why A College Degree Is Useless
Bitter Hillary: Trump Won Because He Comforted ‘Millions of White People’
Bomb threat prompts evacuation of Santa Monica Pier
Borstvoeding kan helpen verergering van astma later in het leven te voorkomen
both Russia and China have said that if the United States strikes first, they will retaliate
Brexit: Theresa May's landmark EU withdrawal bill passes first parliamentary hurdle
British Red Cross ‘Too White,’ Chief Exec Calls Words ‘British’ and ‘Cross’ a ‘Challenge’
Burma is accused of 'textbook' ethnic cleansing by the UN as the number of Rohingya Muslims fleeing for Bangladesh tops 300,000
California power officials beg customers to stop using air conditioning as West Coast power grid reaches critical failure
Canada deported hundreds of migrants to war-torn countries – govt data
CBS Admits Weather Modification Lasers Are In Operation
Champion Stephens & returning Sharapova soar up world rankings following US Open
Children Can’t Wait: Taking Steps Towards Their Protective Present
Children Held Hostage During Disturbing 9/11 Drill by School Official Threatening to Kill Them
Chile, September 11, 1973: The Horrors of ‘the First 9/11’ Are Routinely Overlooked
Chile, September 11, 1973: The Inauguration of Neoliberalism, „Shock Treatment” and the Instruments of Economic Repression: The Junta’s Deadly „Economic Medicine”
Chile, September 11, 1973: The Ingredients of a Military Coup. The Imposition of a Neoliberal Agenda
China may ban bitcoin exchange trading
Chinese banks begin suspending North Korean transactions
Congress Exploits Hurricane to Raise Debt Ceiling
CONTROL: Tesla Unlocks Battery Reserve After Irma Victims Complain
Could This Be The Biggest Biotech Breakthrough Of The Year?
Crane crash halts removal of Confederate monument in Texas
David Icke YouTube Channel and Facebook Meme Library
De 12 mogelijke oorzaken van visceraal vet (buikvet)
De alternatieve timeline 12 sept
De huis-, tuin- en keukenpsychopaat | Interview met Jan Storms
Debt Tops $20 Trillion
Deep State Drugging Trump Ahead of Coup, Sources Say
Defense Dept Releases Never-Before-Seen 9/11 Photos From Within Pentagon
Delusions 101: Academics call for end to categorizing obesity as a "health issue"
Desperate parents leave UK to treat sick son with cannabis
Deutsche übersetzung | Crowd Power 2 | Der Wirklichkeit nue geladen
Did Kid Rock Just Deliver His First Campaign Speech?
Donald Jr. Slams Michael Moore for Suggesting Flood-prone Mar-a-Lago be Used as Shelter
Doneer geen cent aan het Rode Kruis.
Drie cirkelvormige objecten gezien bij ruimtestation ISS. Deze beelden brengen UFO-jagers in extase
Drug company created massive network of fake cancer patients to sell lucrative prescriptions while bribing doctors
DUP-Tory deal: Release of £1billion for Northern Ireland must be approved by Commons vote, admits Government
Eight dead in Livorno, Italy as storm dumps month’s worth of rainfall in just four hours
Electric dreams: China looks to end gas & diesel engines
Equifax Hit With $70 Billion Lawsuit After Leaking 143 Million Social Security Numbers
Essay compilation on alien life asks: where is everybody?
Establishment science debunked: study suggests high-fat diet healthier than high-carb
Everyone Is Worried About Jim Carrey After 'Bizarre Interview' (Ha, ha - he just told the truth but you just can't handle it)
Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.
Exclusive: President Trump’s Being Drugged Ahead Of Coup, Sources Claim
Eyewitness Account To 9/11
Facebook Blames Russia To Deflect From Fraudulent Ad-Sales
Facebook hit with €1.2mn fine in Spain for privacy violations
Family fury as police involved in son’s death are granted secret hearing
Fearing ‘Space Pearl Harbor’: US could miss out on chance to ban weapons in space
Feds working on dozens of chemical spills in Texas
Finnish Police Chief: Terrorists Should be Allowed in Schools to „Expand Tolerance”
Fired AIPAC hawk Steven Rosen expands Israel lobby’s reach in Europe
Flashback! Alex Jones Predicted CIA Would Blame Bin Laden For Terror Attack Before 9/11
Food gone: Violence erupts on Caribbean island of St. Martin
Foreign Capital Dictates India’s Development Agenda: Cultural Imperialism and the Seeds of Catastrophe, Ripping Up India’s Social Fabric
Foreign troops, civilians injured in suicide bomber attack on NATO convoy in Afghanistan
Frankfurt Airport attack: Tear gas incident leaves several people with breathing problems
From Florida: The Wrath of Hurricane Irma (VIDEO)
Geheime grotten onder ijs Antarctica wemelen van leven. Deze wetenschappers stuiten op spannende, nieuwe wereld
German foreign minister equates far-right AfD party with Nazis
Germany confirms stolen Syrian passports as EU govts 'bury heads in sand’ over migrants & terrorism
Germany halts major arms supplies to Turkey as tensions heighten
Getting Prepared for a Long-Term Scenario
Globalist Megacities Are Tools Of Destruction
Goa, billiards & $2mn basket of sausages: Ex-finance minister’s trial full of weird details
Gonna need a bigger pool: Stricken great white released into public pool (VIDEOS)
Google Is Not What It Seems
Google is the Master Spy of the Intelligence Community (VIDEO)
Google launches legal bid to overturn record £2.1 billion fine for promoting its online shopping service over rivals
Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring
Google: Geen bewijs Russische propaganda tijdens verkiezingen VS
Gorka: Trump must kill the Iran deal
Great Lakes fish found heavily contaminated with antidepressant drug chemicals
Hackers could program sex robots to kill
Half Of Florida Without Power As State Braces For "Lengthiest Restoration In US History"
Het is allemaal betekenisloos. Jim Carrey vertelt bij Fashion Week de waarheid over het aanbidden van iconen
HILLARY: Never again!
How to Prepare for a Nuclear Strike
How to Use Potassium Iodide in a Nuclear Emergency
HUH? Planned Parenthood CEO declares "every person has the right to live" in absurd defense of DACA
Hundreds of thousands rally for Catalan's independence from Spain
Hunt for nurse from Britain’s most prestigious military school over leaked records
I Have No Future on YouTube
Illegal Immigration in Southwest Doubled Over Past Four Months
Inflated Expectations: Unions plan to strike against Macron's labour reforms
Inside a British prison: Drug smoking inmates brag on smartphones of cushy jail life (VIDEO)
Insider Trading: The Equifax Fraud
Iraqi rights group urges Baghdad to sue US coalition over civilian deaths in Mosul
IRS now cracking down on Bitcoin with tools that eliminate transaction anonymity
Is Europe Beginning to Talk Sense on Refugees?
ISIS in possession of 11,100 blank Syrian passports
ISIS terrorists urged to start poisoning grocery food across America with deadly cyanide
Israel forced to ‘postpone’ first Africa summit
Israel to Remove Palestinian Village’s Sole Water Pipe
Israeli forces destroy Muslim graves in Jerusalem al-Quds to build a park
'It looks like The Walking Dead': Florida's residents assess Irma's damage
It’s Madness: The Threat of Nuclear War or An „Accident” with North Korea
Kid Rock slams media, ‘extreme left’ and Al Sharpton
Kim Jong-UN making billions from worldwide secret business network
Kinderen met bot- of gewrichtsinfecties dragen vaak dezelfde infectieuze bacteriën in de keel
Labour in Brexit chaos as MPs plan to defy Jeremy Corbyn in parliament
Lawmakers push Trump admin to put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill
Leftists Celebrate The Death Of Eric Bolling’s Son
Lift the £21,000 threshold for paying back student loans, ministers urged after the lowest-earning graduates face huge rise in repayment levels
London stays global financial center despite Brexit
Looking to Leave Your Homeland for Police State USA? Think Again.
Mass pilot 'sickie' grounds Air Berlin flights
Massive manatees dragged 100 yards to safety as Irma drains bay (PHOTO, VIDEOS)
Massive Russian, NATO Wargames Set To Begin Amid Mutual Accusations Of Provocation
Merkel welcomes Putin’s initiative on sending UN peacekeepers to Eastern Ukraine
Merkel: „Europa heeft samenhangend buitenlands beleid nodig”
Mexico Rescinds Texas Aid Offer after Huge Quake
More signs of the imminent cryptocurrency "crash and burn" scenario: Paris Hilton and other celebrities now endorsing ICOs
Moscow to bring diplomatic missions in US, Washington’s in Russia to parity – Lavrov
N. Korea threatens US with ‘greatest pain & suffering’ over sanctions push
NATO leader: North Korea is ‘global threat and requires a global response’
Nearly Half of Florida In the Dark After Hurricane Irma
Neo-Nazi arrests: British Army soldiers charged with terror offences
Netanyahu’s son posts ‘alien reptile’, Soros and cloaked figure meme - and David Icke gets the blame! Not guilty
Nightmare scenario for millions in wake of powerful hurricanes as unprepared survivors run out of food and water
No #NAFTA2, Yes To Trade For People & Planet
North Korea Threatens ‘Pain and Suffering’ As U.N. Approves New Sanctions
Norway: Muslim Leader Refuses to Shake Hands With Female Minister
Nuclear Preparedness Intensive interviews
NY Times op-ed: Mainstream 9/11 narrative „totally false, literally from the first minutes”
Opmerkelijke voorwerpen gevonden in Mexicaanse grot. Zijn dit afbeeldingen van buitenaardse wezens?
Over het klimaat en de vrijheid van meningsuiting
Overheid; moet Thierry ook dood?
Palestijnse terreurgroep mag officieel deelnemen aan Duitse verkiezingen
Parents ‘sue school’ after boy in son’s class allowed to wear dress
Phantom Self – David Icke’s Acclaimed New Book Available At
Photographer: CBS Adjusted Color to Villainize Bannon
Planet 9 Probably Isn’t an Exoplanet, After All
Poetry of Certain 1970s Naxalbari martyrs: Translated from Bangla
Police Action in Hyderabad, 1948 September 13-18 :Should We Celebrate It?
Post-mortem of the 9/11 „official story”
Power surge: 800 lightning bolts strike San Francisco in 1 day (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Profs claim ‘microaggressions’ reflect ‘racist beliefs’
Proton M lifts off with Spanish telecommunication satellite (VIDEO)
Rand Paul threatens to hold up defense bill unless Congress votes to end wars in Afghanistan & Iraq
Reef fish found to be surprisingly resilient to ocean acidification caused by carbon dioxide (climate change)
Remote Control Warfare
Replacing Documents After a Disaster
Report: McMaster Labeled Trump „Scary, a Dope”
Report: Radical imam tells children martyrdom ‘supreme success’
Report: Romney plans 2018 Senate run
Report: Teacher Who Compared Trump Shirt to Swastika Allegedly Fired
Researchers say coffee has a number of health benefits you probably never heard of
Richard Branson’s private island ‘completely devastated’ by Hurricane Irma (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Ron Paul: Police State Was Planned, 9/11 Just ‘Provided An Opportunity’ to Implement It
Rosneft boss predicts oil slump next year
RT looks at far-right groups operating in Britain amid warnings of increased activity
Ruggengraatloze journalistiek (let op Duits gesproken )
Ruling-party candidates lead election races in 16 Russian regions
Russia goes green: Sales of eco-friendly cars outstrip US
Russia sends sappers to help demine liberated parts of Deir ez-Zor (VIDEO)
Russia to US: ‘Stop destroying our relationship, start solving problems you’ve caused’
S3 - Strong solar radiation storm in progress, active alert for aircrews and pregnant passengers
Saudi Arabia’s Alleged Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks and the 28 Pages: „Red-Herring”, Propaganda Ploy
'Say his name!': Vigils demand justice for African-American motorist killed by police (VIDEO)
Scientist Finally Confirms Weather Modification: A Comprehensive Database on Chemtrails and Weather Modification Already Exists
Search for nurse from Britain’s most prestigious military school after records leaked
Secret 'furry' life revelations force Connecticut councilor to resign
Seeing the Light: Rejected Muslim Migrants in Finland Switch to Christianity
September 11, 2001: Questions to Ask if You Still Believe the Official Narrative
Sessions mulling lie detector test for entire NSC staff: report
Sheriff Forced to Pay Own Money for Sending SWAT Team After Cop Who Criticized Him
Shocking investigation finds asbestos lurking in teen makeup
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Six Injured In Suspected Chemical Attack at German Airport
Six Lies Driving Trump’s Campaign to Create a Massive Clash with Iran
Space Station crew forced to seek shelter during massive solar flare
Special relationship test: May seeks huge Trump favor over Boeing’s Bombardier battle
State owned Saudi propaganda tries to blame 9/11 on Iran
Study Suggests That Apple Deliberately Sabotages Old Products, „iPhone Slow” Peaks After Every New Release
Suicide bomber wounds troops, civilians in Afghanistan attack
Sunscreen WARNING: Chlorinated water transforms sunscreen ingredients into cancer-causing chemicals while you swim
Supreme Court blocks 9th Circuit restrictions on Trump's refugee ban
Supreme Court lifts restrictions on Trump travel ban
Sweden, NATO allies launch biggest military exercise in 23yrs amid 'Russian threat'
Swedish Police "Cannot Cope" With Huge Numbers of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived
Syrië verplettert Islamitische Staat
Syrië: Israël mogelijk op het randje van ingrijpen
Systematic Misinformation on Syria. The United Nations AbuZayd-Pinheiro Committee
Ted Cruz ‘likes’ porn video on Twitter, internet comes down hard
Ten members of ‘lost’ Amazon tribe are ‘killed, chopped up and thrown in river by gold miners hellbent on seizing their land’
Ten members of uncontacted Amazonian tribe 'are slaughtered after running into gold miners in Brazil'
THC from cannabis found to dramatically slow memory loss by protecting brain cells
The Disturbing Aftermath of 9/11
The Google Conspiracy – is the search engine on the verge of becoming self-aware?
The Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil
The Most Life-Changing Books You'll Ever Read
The New Middle East: Kurds in Iraq and Syria Used as a Trojan Horse. Washington’s Intent is to „Divide the Middle East”
The People of Afghanistan Have Had Truly Enough of Western Imperialist Barbarism
The Real Bush „Con”spiracy
The Richie Allen Show on James Perloff - 'We Now Know The Names Of The Men Who Planned, Executed & Covered Up 9/11'
The Richie Allen Show on Piers Corbyn - 'Hurricane Irma Is Definitive Proof That The Sun And NOT Co2 Is Driving Climate'
Time Machine & 4 climate zones: Moscow’s unique futuristic Zaryadye Park opens next to Kremlin
Tony Robinson attacks Government's approval of tunnel road near Stonehenge
Top 5 reasons "ADD" and "ADHD" are misdiagnosed and often NOT actually disorders at all
Trump ‘Innocent’ on Russia Collusion: Miss America Contestant
Trump Prepares 7,450 Troops to Respond to Hurricane Irma and Jose
Trump, Afghanistan en heroïne
UK 'anti-terror' spies snoop on Palestine solidarity activists
UK should stop training Myanmar soldiers amid Rohingya Muslim ‘ethnic cleansing’ – activists
UN Security Council unanimously adopts tougher sanctions on North Korea
Unacceptable US Toughness on North Korea
US debt surpasses historical $20 trillion
US DOJ uses WWII-era legislation to demand that RT supplier register as a ‘foreign agent’
US Failure to Airlift Endangered Floridians Out of Harm’s Way
US on collision course with Syrian forces in ‘race for Deir ez-Zor’s oil fields’
Venezuela defends rights record, rejects ‘baseless’ UN report
Venezuela wil dollar dumpen
Vervuiling nanodeeltjes stijgt 30% bij omschakelen bio- naar fossiele brandstof
Video of pug making Nazi salute is ‘grossly offensive,’ Jewish leader tells court
Video: 911 is gewoon een complot | door Coen Vermeeren
VIDEO: Anniversary Of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Collapse On 9/11
VIDEO: Looters Hit Foot Locker And More During Hurricane Irma
Visions of Europe: Macron in Athens
Washington DC’s Role Behind the Scenes in Hollywood Goes Deeper Than You Think
Watch a meteor sparkle in skies of St. Petersburg (VIDEO)
WATCH: Cops Assault Pregnant Woman During False Arrest—Causing Miscarriage—Lawsuit
'We take money from Jews to give to the poor’: Family robbed & beaten in Paris
Welcome To 1984: Big Brother Google Now Watching Your Every Political Move
What Happened to 9/11 Truth? Here Is the Answer (VIDEO)
What MSM Won’t Tell You About Building 7
What Really Happened on 9/11. Post-mortem of the „Official Story”
What To Do AFTER The Disaster – Free PDF
What To Do If You CAN’T Evacuate Before a Hurricane
What You Need to Know About Health Hazards After a Flood
What You Need to Know About North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb and EMP Capabilities
What You Need to Know About Russia’s Big Wargame on NATO’s Doorstep
Whole Foods Price Cut Leads To 25% Surge In Customers
Why Oil Prices Can’t Bounce Very High; Expect Deflation Instead
Why Police Cannot (and Will Not) Protect Our Rights
Willing terrorists or victims? Watch heated RT debate over stranded wives of ISIS fighters
Winston Churchill has as much blood on his hands as the worst genocidal dictators, claims Indian politician
Wisconsin To Be First State Ever To Nullify Federal Cannabis Prohibition
Woman of the Matchday: Plaudits roll in for Germany’s 1st female referee after landmark game
Women Have Been Tricked Into Living Like Men
World Bank assigns $8bn for Silk Road projects
X-37B landing (OTV-4, 7 May 2017)
You are Part of the Collective Shaman
YouTube star PewDiePie under fire for branding rival gamer with n-word
Zelfregressie als gereedschap om je multidimensionaliteit te verkennen


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