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Alternatieve media update 18.5.2019

$10,000 Prize To Prove Vaccines Safe
„Treason!” – Barr Finds „Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens
15 Numbers Showing How Bad The Global Economy Is Performing
A survey about the DWP needs to hear from you
AG Barr Slams Dems’ Contempt Vote as ‘Political Circus’
AG Barr: Public Must Know If Feds Weaponized Russia Probe
Army Colonel Warned of False Flag to Start War with Iran Before US Blamed Iran for Attacks
Assam against itself: A response to Sanjib Baruah
Belgian Authorities Clear Migrants From ‘No-Go’ Transit Station
Berkeley University study of Islamophobia in India highlights plight of Muslims
Bowing to the insane Left, Facebook bans user for entire MONTH over mischaracterizing a simple „A-OK” hand gesture
BREAKING - The fight for America begins: Trump to invoke Insurrection Act that authorizes National Guard, military action inside U.S. borders
Buzzfeed’s Latest Hit Piece On This 14-Year-Old Got her Banned
CanaryPod: Topple Uncaged meets… Corey Johnson of Defenders Entertainment
Censorship Now Bleeding Into The 3D World With The Banning Of Chik-Fil-A
Change UK’s Joan Ryan takes cringe to unprecedented new levels with latest campaign gaffe
Chelsea Manning jailed again after telling judge she’d rather ‘starve to death’ than cooperate with grand jury
China Slams „Barbaric” US Behavior Toward Huawei as a „Declaration of War”
Chinese purchases of Iranian oil raise tantalizing questions
Confirmed: Pentagon Asks for Money to Directly Fund Terrorists
Congress Wants to Steal $1.68 Billion from Iran
Congressman Calls for Banning Bitcoin Because it 'Takes Power' from the Corrupt Federal Reserve
De hete aardappel van de overbevolking
De weerzinwekkende lafheid van journalisten
Declining Birthrate In US Is A Financial Warning: Recession Coming & Social Security Insolvency
Dehydration is linked to physical impairment and cognitive decline: Study
Democrats Unanimous As House Passes Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete In Girls’ Sports
Die godverdomse batterij!
Disregarding God’s Government & Leaving Off His Justice – The Europeanizing of America – A Nation Turned After Hell
Ecuador is raking in new deals with the UK and US after handing over Julian Assange
Emergency Broadcast: Gavin McInnes, „We Are Fighting For Our Literal Lives”
Establishment Conservatives Furious As Alabama Legislature Makes Good On Their Promises to Voters
Facebook Suspends Candace Owens For Saying Liberal Policies Incentivize Fatherless Homes
FCC Allows More Satellites Despite Expert Warnings of Current Dangerous Levels of Space Junk, Rocket Fuel and WiFi Pollution
Feminist Says Family Must Be „Abolished” to ‘Dismantle Capitalism’
Five Years in Prison for Offending Someone Online (And Other News From The Twilight Zone)
Foto van ‘Christusfiguur’ in de lucht boven Argentinië houdt de gemoederen bezig. Zo wordt er gereageerd op social media
France Takes Unprecedented Action Against Reporters Who Published Secret Government Document
Free Speech After Party Banned For Conservatives Views
French authorities catch Monsanto running black ops "spy" campaign on European journalists, lawmakers and regulators... "Stasi"-like tactics about to be exposed
Galaxy Blazes With New Stars Born From Close Encounter
Gang Members Charged in Execution of Calif. Man in Front of Grandson
Gardasil’s Fraudulent Research Revealed: There Will Be Legal Consequences, Says Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Germany: 26yo Eritrean Migrant Repays Family Who Took Him In By Stabbing Their 11yo Child While Shouting ‘Die, Die, Die!’
Gilets Jaunes Acte 27 Er zijn vele redenen om een geel hesje aan te trekken
Gun Control: Where Does It Work?
Half of Americans are just one paycheck away from financial disaster
Head of Islamic Human Rights Commission Calls Gay Conservative Author Douglas Murray a „Hate Preacher”
Here Are 15 Numbers That Show How The Global Economy Is Performing, And All Of Them Are Bad
Het verzinnen en innen van onzinnige energie- en klimaatbelastingen is gewoon dikke business voor de overheid. Kamerlid deelt sneer uit
Hungary PM Slams „Liberal Mafia” For Migrant Crisis
Ilhan Omar Complains Trump Is Droning Jihadis in Somalia ‘to Death’
In just one tweet, Theresa May insulted the entire LGBTQI+ community
India’s growing religious divide: BJP’s anti-religious minorities agenda
Investeren is niet vies
Iran Minister Boosts Cybersecurity, Touts New Firewall
Iranian Special Forces Have Not Attacked Americans Since the 1990s
Is It True Former FBI Head Robert Mueller Is Beyond Reproach?
Jihad-Rep. Ilhan Omar Becomes Subject Of Immigration Fraud Lawsuit
Joe Biden: „Second Amendment Exists” But You’re Not „Entitled” To A Gun
John Cusack Met with Democrats in DC and Demanded Trump ‘Be Removed from Office’
Journalisten die samenwerken met antifa en links extremisten
Judge to Consider Bid to Block Emergency Border Wall Funds
Liberals Threaten To Kill & Rape Pro-Life Writer & His Family
Links pensioen discrimineert werknemers uit de privé
Links van de dag
Madonna accused of ‘supporting murder and genocide’ as she defends Eurovision gig
Major U.S. brands demand EPA take action to stop pre-harvest spraying of toxic glyphosate on food crops
Mayawati-Narendra Modi face-off
Mexican journalist under government protection plan shot dead
Middle East Sunnis To Suffer Whatever Happens With Iran
Mossad had voorkennis van 9/11-aanslagen. FBI brengt explosieve documenten naar buiten
Mysterieus object van een miljoen zonnemassa’s slaat gat in de Melkweg. Wat is het precies?
Na de Europese verkiezingen zal men het politieke landschap hier niet meer herkennen. Steve Bannon over de aanstaande aardverschuiving
Nederlands ministerie stopt zware misdrijven door asielzoekers in de doofpot. Ook hier wordt niet over gesproken
Neocons: Iran Positioning Missiles Against US In Iraq
New York Times Columnist Lauds „Inevitable” Demographic Decline of „Racist” White People
Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks
Obama & Hillary Both Got Caught Committing Federal Offenses That Should Land Them In Jail
Off Limits: Weekly Round-Up
Official narrative used to bomb Syria in 2018 is disputed by leaked OPCW report
On The Edge Of Disaster: 59 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck
Penny Mordaunt must investigate Britain’s war crimes and stop sucking up to Tory MPs
Pete Buttigieg: Christianity Has Extremist Factions, Just like Islam
Pete Buttigieg: Erasing Thomas Jefferson’s Name ‘Right Thing to Do’
POTUS Trump proposes amazing new immigration plan that emphasizes merit-based system including English proficiency and self-sufficiency
Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings
Preview The Newest Banned Infowars Daily Broadcast
Pro-Abortion Activist Advocates Violence Against Pro-Life Women, 50,000 People Like Her Tweet
Pro-America Posters Pop Up Outside Globalist HQ
Ramadan-Bomb-A-Thon 2019: The Attacks, Crimes & Deaths Performed by Islamic Jihadis This Year
RBI should give up its contempt for RTI
Red Alert: Trump Plans to Invoke Insurrection Act to Stop Collapse of US Border
Report Shows Almost HALF of All Federal Crimes Committed by Non-Citizens in 2018
Roe v Wade: Supreme Court vs Separation of Powers
School Announces Tariff on Students Not Wearing Pro-LGBT Clothing
Scientific Temper and the Modi Era
Sea Shepherd On Patrol: Under Dark Skies
Sen Asks If ANY Studies Being Done on 5G Health Risks: Anyone? Anyone?
Separation Of State and Federal Powers Is There For A Reason
Speed „Assist” Nanny-Tech Coming to USA and The Freedom of Classic Cars
Strategic Fulcrum in Whirlwind: The Gulf Regimes on a Short Fuse?
Study exposes dangers of too much fluoride, says children are at INCREASED risk of tooth decay from using too much toothpaste
Targeting Iran
Televangelist Pat Robertson Says Alabama's "Extreme" Abortion Law "Goes Too Far"
Terrifying Biometrics USED Woody Harrelson’s Face To Go After Beer Thief!
That Time John Bolton Said It’s Good To Lie About War
The 12 health benefits of osmanthus tea, a caffeine-free beverage
The Green New Steal
The Inheritance of the Congress Socialist Party
The Tories’ claim to have renationalised probation has a sting in its tail
The US accidentally killed more than a dozen Afghan policemen in an airstrike after a 'miscommunication'
Theresa May has mere weeks to finish completely ruining the country
Thought Crimes? Facial Recognition Technology Is Invading The U.S.; San Fran Passes Historic Privacy Bill; Man Arrested In UK For Hiding Face
Tommy Robinson’s Emergency Message To Donald Trump
Too good to be true: Is kratom a breakthrough treatment or a dangerous drug?
Trump Delays Car Tariff Decision by Six Months
Trump Has No Problem With Buttigieg Campaigning With His Husband
Trump is bringing the US closer to a ‘very stupid and costly war with Iran’, warns Tulsi Gabbard
Trump Is Right To Reject The Christchurch Call – It’s Unconstitutional
Trump machtigt Nationale Garde voor militaire actie binnen de grenzen van de Verenigde Staten
Trump Plans To Invoke Insurrection Act To Boot Illegal Immigrants
Trump Quietly Reversed Obama Policy That Allowed Illegal Aliens To Work
Trump To Invoke Insurrection Act To Stop World Government Invasion
Twitter goes all-in for the vaccine deep state
Twitter to Push/Purge Vaccine Info
Ultimate When Liberals Attack Supercut 2019
US Again Jails Chelsea Manning for Refusing to Testify on WikiLeaks
US Gov’t Now Openly Admits Pentagon Asks for Money to Directly Fund Terrorists
US Illegally Evicts Protectors from Venezuelan Embassy
Venezuela Denounces US Seizure of Embassy as Violation of Vienna Convention
Venezuela ROUNDUP: U.S. raid Venezuela embassy a brutal act against international law, says Maduro
VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 9)
Verified Twitter Journalist Threatens to Contact Man’s Employer Because He Did the ‘OK’ Hand Sign
Viruses to stop cholera infections – the viral enemy of deadly bacteria could be humanity's friend
Was Lyme disease created by William Burgdorferi as part of a US bioweapons research program?
Watch Live: President Trump Fights Back Against Democrat Illegal Immigration
Watch Live: War On Free Speech At Home, Bolton Pushes War Abroad
WATCH: Baby Falls to the Ground as Officer Drags Mother from Car to Arrest Her
WATCH: Cop Sends Tiny Woman Flying Through the Air for Filming Him, Fakes Charges—Not Disciplined
Wells Fargo Banker Pleads Guilty To Helping Launder Millions For Sinaloa Cartel
What Will Happen If Americans Ignore Illegal Immigration?
What You Need to Know About the Latest WhatsApp Vulnerability
White House Provides Tool To Report Violations Of Free Speech On Social Media Platforms
Who Wants This War with Iran?
Why Democrats Wanting Universal Healthcare Is a Lie
With Six Days to go Brexit Party Hits 35 Per Cent While Tories Sink to Single Figures
You Can’t Watch This: Documentary Exposes Censorship As Big Tech Faces Antitrust Action

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