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Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 20 februari 2018

Forbiddensource brengt je iedere dag de laatste nieuwtjes gepubliceerd in de alternatieve
media in zowel Nederland als de rest van de wereld. Veel nieuws op het gebied van
geopolitiek, milieu, gezondheid, klimaat, militaire industriele complex, kosmos en meer.

Het nieuws van vandaag

A.S.R. doet aan emoterreur - Sven Hulleman en Arno Wellens
1% van de wereldbevolking bezit 80% van de weelde
2 Years ago I was told I had cancer. I took colloidal silver & THC Oil and am still here
5 survival radios that can keep you connected when SHTF
A History of Presidents’ Day
Absurd en moreel verwerpelijk. Europarlementariërs verrijken zichzelf met omstreden pensioen (over de rug van de belastingbetaler)
Adam Schiff Thinks Americans Are Stupid
Adam Schiff: 'Russians Are Very Big Fans of Our Second Amendment'
Admiral Warns US Should Prepare For Possible War With China
Airlines on "red notice" as volcano fires hot ash skyward
And the Angels Will Sing….
Androgen and Estrogen deprivation therapy are toxic
Apartheid Israel’s Palestinian Genocide & Australia’s  Aboriginal Genocide Compared
Are central bankers foreshadowing the next economic crisis
As Gaza Endures Massive Drought, Israel Turns Off their Fresh Water
At Least 20 Students Told Police Nikolas Cruz Threatened To KILL Them—Police Did Nothing
Big Tech Trying to Save the Tech „Addicts” They’ve Created
bijstandsgerechtigden Enschede krijgen opleiding tot Drone piloot
Bitcoin Surging After Mystery Trader Buys $344 Million In Cryptocurrency
Black Panther Review: Not The Movie You Thought It Was
Canadese oplossing voor Noord-Ierland
Cannabis to Become Legal? Weed Bill Set for UK Parliament this Week
Caveat Emptor: Science vs. CDC on Scary Flu Shot Promotions
Celebrities jump into feud between Laura Ingraham and LeBron James
Celebrities Rally Behind Student March for Gun Control
Cell Tower Radiation Facts & 5G Unknowns
Chris Rock: 'I Want to Live in a World Where An Equal Amount of White Kids Are Shot Every Month - I Want to See White Mothers On TV Crying'
CNN Guest: Russian Election Interference Was An 'Attack' Akin to Pearl Harbor
Cold Case Shock: Ex Pro Wrestler Claims US Politicians Covered Up 1987 Murder of Two Teens
Congress sets sights on federal cryptocurrency rules
Could Turkey Align W Hezbollah & Iran W Saudia – Morris
Council Of Europe Slams Crime Wave Sweden For Not Taking MORE Migrants
Customer service, retail and warehouse jobs to be obsolete: Experts predict 1 in 5 jobs will be lost to robots in the next decade
Dalai lama over de Nederlandse politici
De alternatieve tijdlijn 20.2.2018
De BBC geeft alleen kritische geluiden over de Brexit de ruimte
De Hongaarse premier Viktor Orbán dreigt vluchtelingen-ngo’s het land uit te zetten
De open ogen van Remco Campert
De overheid en overlast door vliegverkeer
Dear Obama: Happy President’s Day Scumbag, Now STFU About Children…
Debt Cancer: More Than 80 Percent Of American Adults Owe Somebody Else Money
Dem Doesn’t Want Mueller to Release Russia Report Near 2018 Midterms
Dem Teacher Organizes Anti-Gun Meeting For Florida Shooting Survivors
Democrats Turning Denver Into Sh!thole
Denmark: Muslim Who Attacked Couple with Axe Yesterday Has Robbed a Bank Today
Dief als beroep en de overheid als dief
Diyanet-moskeeën roepen in Europa op tot ‘Turkse jihad’
Dumb As Dirt – The Mindset Of The Collectivists
Engine fire forces US F-16 to dump fuel tanks over Japanese lake – reports
Essential Oils for Alzheimer’s Symptoms
Estimating Seasonal Influenza-Associated Deaths in the United States
EXPOSED: Left-wing "fact checkers" are nothing more than sleazy censors of content they don't like
First aid basics to teach your kids
Florida School Officer Filmed on Rooftop Pretending to Kill Children
Florida Shooting Survivor Says Blame Trump, Not FBI For Shooting: "My Father's A Retired FBI Agent"
From Emperor Qin to Pieta: 5 infamous incidents of art vandalism
Full Spectrum Dominance
Game of Viruses? HBO to dramatize ‘Stuxnet’ cyber attack on Iran
Gates says billionaires should pay 'significantly' more taxes
George Soros’s Son Donated $650,000 to Democratic Committees and Campaigns Last Year
German Taxpayer Finances Sharia Loving Refugee Who Has Two Wives and Six Children
German Taxpayers Finance Refugee With Two Wives, Six Children
Gibson guitar company, maker of the Les Paul, facing bankruptcy after 116 years in business
Globalist Kingpin Soros Wants Full Censorship Of The Internet
Going To Pieces: The Dismantling Of  the United States of America
Gold and Silver Are Leaving the Station – Are You on Board?
Google Street View Captures ‘Free Assange’ Protest Outside Ecuador Embassy
Gov. Kasich Removes NRA Endorsement From Website After Florida Shooting
Hands up: Ohio sheriff offers gun training to teachers
Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media
Hidden poisons in your mouth cause cancer, arthritis, heart disease and more - Discover the most powerful ways to improve your oral health
How Real Is Fake News? | Sharyl Attkisson | #nepnieuws
How Understanding The Truth Movement May Hold Many Answers For Humanity
Hungarian Leader Calls Christianity ‘Europe’s Last Hope’
Ieder schoolboek moet worden herschreven. Deze onderzoekers ontdekken gigantische verloren stad in Mexico
India bank hack ‘similar’ to $81 million Bangladesh central bank heist
Infowars Reports From Florida School Shooting Memorial
Internet Trolls Hillary Clinton for President’s Day
Interview with Dr Luc De Schepper about Autism and Homeopathy
Iran confirms military aid to Hamas, sending long-range missile technology
Jennifer Lawrence Says She Will Take Break from Acting to 'Fix Our Democracy'
Jennifer Lawrence Taking a Break from Acting to ‘Fix Our Democracy’
Jim Fetzer On Why He Thinks That Events In Florida Were Staged To Justify Disarming American People
John Oliver Rips Trump: ‘This is a country of people embarrassed by him’
Kentucky AG Accuses Distributer of Contributing To Opioid Epidemic
Ketonendrank kan de bloedsuikerspiegel verlagen
Kosmos 20.2.2018
Left Wants Your Guns After Fomenting Imperialist Massacres
Left-wing media LIES: No, the NRA did not "train" the Florida school shooter
Lt. General Russel Honoré
Lunatic climate change scientists now pushing "outlandish, scary" geoengineering schemes to "cool the planet"
Maatregelen tegen MSG (E621) nodig
Man Who Accused Seattle Mayor of Sexually Abusing Him as a Child, Found Dead at 47
Meddling for Empire: The CIA Comes Clean
Megacorporations Posing As Leftists To Control Minorities
Merkel’s Possible Successor: „I am a Burkaphobe”
Mexican Presidential Candidate Vows to Use U.N. to Stop Trump Border Wall
Militaire vliegtuigen werpen aluminium boven ons hoofd uit. Deze meteorologen praten er openlijk over
Militia Act Of 1903 Makes Gun Control Illegal
Monsanto's favorite propaganda rag NEWSWEEK is self destructing by the day under weight of financial FRAUD allegations and laughable "journalism"
Mueller’s Russia Indictments: Covering Up For The Deep State?
Multiple Sheriffs Caught Getting Rich by Depriving Inmates of Food, Stealing from Food Funds
Native American Tribal Governments Host Middle East Business (VIDEO)
Natural bacteria-killing viruses in the bladder may prove more effective at clearing UTIs than antibiotics
Nederland exporteert dus lichaamsdelen, lucratieve handel
Netanyahu in deeper peril as more Israeli officials are arrested on corruption charges
No Chance for Normalized Russia/US Relations in Our Lifetime
No Surprise – Terrorism Is Winning
Nuclear Football Feud: John Kelly, Chinese Officials Clash During Trump’s China Visit
Nunes: We’ll Put DoJ, FBI On Trial If They Abused FISA Law
NY Times: "The Fate of the Universe" Is Resting On Trump's Budget
On the same day that 17 children were murdered in a Florida high school, almost 300 Americans were killed by FDA-approved prescription medications
On This Day in 1942, US Authorities Began Locking Up Americans In Concentration Camps
Ook vandaag in #Buitenhof geen aandacht voor politieke gevangene Hüseyin #Baybasin
Organic farming employs more workers than conventional farms and encourages community development, according to survey
Over het ‘nieuwe antisemitisme’
Parlementariër Tom van der Lee heeft ‘ #Oxfam campagne manager’ uit zijn bio verwijderd
Podesta Asked Why Russians Focused on Purple States When Clinton Didn’t!
Police: Uber Eats delivery flees after customer shot, killed in Buckhead
Pope backs down after defending Nigerian bishop rejected by locals
Produce suppliers are now using a chemical „freshness preserver technology” on your fruits and vegetables ... but is it SAFE?
Release Anti-Displacement Activist Damodar Turi
Report: Microsoft Security Flaws Doubled Since 2013
Roger Stone: John Brennan is America’s First Hoaxmaster General
Rogue Terrorism For A Greater Israel
Ron Paul: Gun Control Won’t Solve the Problem — Let’s Look Beyond Politics
Russia Warns US To "Stop Playing With Fire" In Syria, Immediately Leave Area It Controls
Russia: US Must Immediately Leave Area It Controls in Southern Syria
Russian ‘meddling’ as bad as Pearl Harbor attack, some US pundits claim
Russian Indictments Are A Distraction From True Enemies Of America
Schoolchildren BRAINWASHED by left-wing teachers
Science is BROKEN, and the peer-review process produces "utter bulls##t" parading around as real science
Sheriff Mack: A REAL Constitutionalist For Congress
Sheriff Offers Free Gun Classes to Teachers – Requests Fill in Minutes!
SICKOS: Pro-abortion leftist Sarah Silverman says she wants to "eat an aborted fetus"
Since Standing Rock, 56 Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States to Restrict Protests
Snopes Editor Bullies Shooting Survivor, Claims Not A Student
Space fever compromises performance: Zero gravity increases astronauts’ body temperature, taking a toll on mental and physical health
State Secrets Infiltrated By Chinese Schools In The US
Students plan protests, Washington march, to demand gun control after mass shooting
Students stage ‘lie-in’ outside White House to demand gun control (VIDEO)
Sun Causes Earthquakes; NZ Storm Watch
Swamp Drains Itself: Top GOP Donor Al Hoffman Jr. Says He Won’t ‘Write Another Check’ Without Gun Ban
Sweden grants citizenship to Iran scientist accused of espionage
Syrië biedt Koerden hulp, Turkije furieus
Tamiflu may have odd side effects, particularly in children, experts say
Technical solutions for pulling pollution out of the air are distractions that allow both government and industry to keep polluting
Teen in Sweden Beat Sister with Baseball Bat for Refusing to Wear Islamic Veil
The American Pravda media isn’t covering the "Trump-Russia collusion" story because THEY were IN on creating it
The CDC’s Fictional Flu Death Stats and Tamiflu’s Lethal Side Effects
The Health Ranger warned America almost TEN YEARS AGO about psychiatric drugs and school shootings... but no one listened
The Maps Tell The Story
The Question of Transnistria
The Relevancy of the Illustrated Protocols of Zion
The Three Global Super-Powers
The Truth About Planned Parenthood Revealed
This Is Metal?: ‘Lamb Of God’ Frontman Calls For Gun Control
Top European banker arrested in money-laundering probe
Totalitarian Collectivism
Tracking wastewater is difficult: Artificial sweeteners turn out to be reliable chemical markers
Trump Attacks Oprah: „I Hope She Runs So She Can Be Exposed Like All The Others”
Trump Backer Bobby Jefferies Discusses Potential Congressional Bid
Trump Open to Tougher Gun Background Checks After Florida Rampage
Trump supports more background checks on guns, says White House
Trump v Oprah: President calls TV star ‘insecure’
Turkish Opposition Party: Will „Invade, Take Over 18 Greek Islands”
UMTS Is More Harmful than GSM Cell Phone Radiation
US Congress sets sights on federal cryptocurrency rules
US families illegally adopted 100s of Chilean children during Pinochet dictatorship
VA Seeks Non-Opioid Treatments to Combat Drug Crisis
Vaccineren: Ongelofelijk Pandemie Bedrog door het Ministerie van Waarheid
Van driver detained after being found near Trump’s motorcade with a gun
Vanavond korte schumann energie piek
VIDEO: Florida School Officer Filmed on Rooftop Pretending to Kill Children
Video: Infowars Confronts Lying Anti-Gun Florida Congressman
Video: NBC Calls For Abolishing Second Amendment
Voedselautoriteit wil maatregelen tegen deze beruchte E-nummers. De reactie van de Europese Commissie is veelzeggend
Voormalig #CIA directeur – Amerika mengde zich in buitenlandse verkiezingen om een goede reden
Waarheid als tegengif tegen Chaos – Jordan Peterson
Watch A Flustered John Podesta Respond To "Why The Russians Operatives" Were Smarter Than Hillary
WATCH LIVE – Rick Falkvinge Joins Vin Armani to Discuss the Current State of Bitcoin
Watch Live: Chris Rock Wants To Live In A World Where More White Kids Are Shot
WATCH: Student Explains How Hero Coach Could’ve Stopped Florida Shooting—If He Had His Gun
We zijn niet alleen in het heelal. Abductee vertelt openhartig over zijn ontvoering door aliens
WH Petition Requests Military Burial for JROTC Member Killed in Florida Shooting
Where Are The Stock Markets Going? Follow The Money
Whistleblower cop exposes migrant rape crimes in Sweden
White House "Supportive" Of Bill To Improve Background Checks On Gun Buys
Why Washington Struck Russian Contractors In Syria?
Wish you were here: Facebook reckons postcards can verify location of election ad buyers
Zionism, Racism and anti-Semitism

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